Leather Bags and Shoes Info and Care Tips

Sofa, car seats, bags, belts, shoes and even accessories that trend nowadays- there is always a leather version. We love leather.We are fond of its beauty, quality and elegance.  Leather available in the market ranges from snake's, buffalo's, cow's, leopard's, ostrich's or the most expensive - the crocodile's. It comes on different color depending on the source animal but most are brown and black.

Here are some tips to get to know leather more and some few reminders on taking care of it:

Clay Art Design Gallery: Cartoon Character Lorax

My daughter has been very busy creating her masterpieces out of clay and I wanted to appreciate what she is doing that is why I have decided to take a photo of her every design and post it here for you to see and your kids to copy :) Just  to give them some clay design idea...see the last close-up image of the project below:

She copied Lorax :)

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