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Life in this world is full of surprises no matter how much effort you give and whatever you do to make things better, things just do not turn-out the way we wanted or as planned .We cannot really adjust the direction of the wind, sometimes better known as our destiny or fate but we can always adjust our “sail” that symbolizes our actions to reach a certain ‘destination’ , our GOALS. And because of that man has learned to improvise – creativity also applies in life. One must learn to create something from the available resources.

Okay, you were not accepted in the Company you have dreamed of working with –hey, it is not the end of the world for you. We sometimes need to reflect or look back from where it all began not to waste our time being sad about our loss or failure but to seek what caused us to fail. And there comes adjustment. We must employ conservative thinking in a way that we must have a contingency plan; that means when “Plan A” did not work I still have “Plan B” or even “Plan C”... depending on how determined you are to reach your target.

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