How to Keep Fresh Vegetables for Longer Use

Being a mom, I do the buying of fruits and vegetables for our week's menu plan. There are sometimes two recipes that both need the same leafy vegetables as an ingredient.  Like the Pechay Baguio (Bokchoi's relative), I used the half portion for the viand Nilaga say on Monday and the other half will be for the Sopas on Sunday is remaining.  If just put on top of the table, it will only attract fruit flies and humidity  because of the weather, will wither its freshness. 

Leftover Fresh Vegetable

One time I tried using an old newspaper to wrap my string beans, and it really kept it  as fresh for almost four days!  Newspaper is good but since it has writings on it (with chemicals used in printing) it may not be advisable to use as a  food wrap.  I discovered the brown paper bag -it has the same dry-rough feel on my hand and it will like be a blanket to the vegetable as I thought and it is!  

I have been doing it for years since the use of plastic is banned here in our province, I have a lot of brown paper bags from the stores.  One of my friend (Maria Fe)  is also using this method and both of us agreed on it :) 

      Wrapped fresh vegies

Wrap the vegies (carrots, 
string beans, cabbage, 
lettuce etc.) not too 
tight nor too loose
Just enough for some 
air to circulate. 

The methods used in malls are plastic with holes to breathe in, but still I noticed that the vegetable supply rots easily.  Maybe they just considered the cover for display purposes (customers can easily find what their looking for if vegies are wrapped in transparent material), talking about longevity, this is the BEST I have ever tried!  I really recommend it.

Place it inside the shelf, or in the vegie's drawer might do,
not on the freezer or chiller...

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