Worthy Little Investment Tips: Gold Jewelries MUST-KNOW

Aside from being one of my favorite colors, Gold has been very appealing to me because of its value.  We invest on a lot of things that depreciate over time like gadgets - mobile phones, appliances trying to keep-up with the trend but as years gone by we will soon find out that those things do not have a value anymore all we have gained is satisfaction in using them, no long-term benefit at all.  It is time we pay some attention to Gold - in its famous form, jewelries.  Gold yearly appreciate in value unlike any other things we desire to buy.

Photo Source: OLX.ph

I remember buying my daughter a bracelet that just cost around two thousand four hundred pesos after maybe two years its value had almost doubled and then valued at three thousand nine hundred.  Same is true with the other jewelries I bought. A friend also told me that a bracelet she gave her husband on his birthday years ago that is valued at around two thousand then has jacked-up its value to ten thousand pesos after years - just pawned (pawning is usually half the market value depending on the appraiser, there are shops that appraises at 1/3 of the MV).

Gold is easy-money when you ran out of cash and on emergencies and the ATMs are off-line especially during Holidays that ATMs became quite hard to access. No requests, no shameful begging and the like; just bring to the pawnshop - it is right away liquidated to cash.

Here are some facts I learned from a jeweler friend in Cavite (Mrs. Yeye Zarco, the credit should be hers). Gold in colors:

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