Challenges Facing the Students Today

Parents knew the value of educating their children that is why even in a so called third world country like ours, it becomes the government's priority even associating the budget on the Department of Education somehow with the Department of Social Welfare and Development through the Cash Transfer Program (Link: Conditional Cash Transfer (4P's) wherein among the requirements is the enrollment of every child in every recipient family in a school to somehow make way to cut the poverty cycle. 

However, the government and the parents want a successful career ending for their children still there are inevitable reasons why they could not pursue studying. Aside from poverty, bad influences hang around and entice them...

Among those reasons had been recently reminded to us  by Horatio Castillo III - and admittedly the most unacceptable one, death. A death that is inflicted by supposed-to-be people whom one thought to be a friend and the worst - a sibling! Now, also the members who are in the Initiation Rite are in the brink of losing their future because of the mess they end-up with.

The problem with our government is that the legislative arm created a toothless law that ONLY REGULATES 'hazing' and accepted is a requirement to be passed by an aspiring applicant of any club (refer to the screenshot below for the CLEAR definition/synonym).

Never Forget Our Teachers

We are celebrating the Teachers' Month (Sept. 5  - Oct 5).  Have you ever recognize what your teachers have shared with you?

The teachers are generous enough to impart their knowledge to their students.Teachers who did not really treat their profession as one but a duty and  mission to fulfill - a mission to take part in the creation of SOMEBODY out of a nobody. 

Reaction Mindanao Martial Law Declaration

I being a citizen far and away from Marawi could have felt lesser of the tension in the area BUT still I have my opinion about the issue.  The declaration of Martial Law (Proclamation 216 s. of 2017) in the whole of Mindanao last May 23, 2017 by the President Duterte  for me, is just the right move.  

It is evident that the President has no other motive such as power extension etc. but the situation calls for the declaration.  The Maute brothers who had caused the Marawi siege has bigger plans and has been discovered to have connections with the International terrorist group ISIS very evident on their flags and the killed snipers of different nationalities other than our fellow-countrymen.  It is not just a rebellion of a little sort, it was carefully planned and financed by unknown parties yet - collecting the high-caliber fire arms and the money from the enemies' hideout. The brothers alone could not have staged such a huge act if nobody is backing them up. 

Recommended Apps from GPlay

Language Learners

Learning is categorized SITUATIONALLY you can easily find what you need to TRANSLATE at the moment.  And once you hit the word you can hear the correct pronunciation too.  What is BEST? It works in OFFLINE MODE – most of the apps I choose are working offline because we still have dead cellsites in the country like here in Quezon Province – most locations are in 2G  reception only – superlative slow connection speed or almost no internet connection at all.

The Second Chance Shirts Factory

My family has been a patron of Unlad shirts ever since. We are benefitting from its quality and I am well aware that the makers of these shirts are among the people who are given a second chance in life.  Unlad factories are mostly located at the FYM Foundation relocation sites – wherein victims of various disasters (victims of storms/flooding, volcanic eruptions etc.)  had been transferred by the Church Administration for sustainable living.

Yes, MOST of the refugees are members of the Church BUT the Unlad factory workers are not limited to the members alone.  There are also workers from other religions.  Most of them never had an experience in sewing or operating sewing machines.  The factories are not built for PROFITS as the primary purpose but to extend help – that is why the sewers are not limited to experienced workers. Those who do not have income are trained first with allowances because the Church Administration knew they badly need a source of income to start their life with.

Why Yes to Eco-Farming

Reasons Why Eco-farming is Beneficial

1.  Environment-friendly

Because Eco-farming only employs organic fertilizers, it helps preserve our environment - saving us from CFC and Aerosole containing products to grow our crops. The air and bodies of water adjacent to the farms will always be safe for the community dwellers too.

2. Economical

My Poem

Inspired by the word STEEL, I come-up with this poem.  It can be sang to the tune of  'Yesterday's Dream'...

Longing to be Safe
Serve You Oh God in words, acts and in mind
The cloak of Thy wisdom may forever be mine
Guide my endeavors be always upright
I shall not move away from the path of ‘life’

Troubles even hardships might seize me
I promise to hold on completely…
I swear to guard myself in moments of bliss
I shall remain with You forever in peace…

Eternal Life be my crown
On that faithful day
as well as my loved ones and it will be great
May You open their eyes to Your righteous path
Lord God hear my prayers…
we long to be saved…

Ever be loyal to Your Overseer
Keeping in mind he speaks on Your behalf
I‘ll not be wasting his time keeping me
I’ll be a good disciple for the rest of my life…

Lord God, equip me with Your armor of love
Your shield of kindness defend me
Kindly endow me the helmet of truth
And let me forever dwell in Your refuge…
Lord God, hear my prayers…

I long to be saved.

Mother's Day Thoughts

The earth would have been in silence if they have not become who they are, there would be no humans inhabiting our planet, indeed.  The real essence of a woman is procreation and motherhood.  And God has made all these things possible. Science can explain how a womb can nurture a growing fetus BUT it is the mystery of God’s plans that CREATED the uterus and all inevitable processes in reproduction.  Therefore, mothers are wonderful gift from our Lord God.

We have to tell our mothers how wonderful they are.  Nine months in their womb and the years we are existing until now they have not stopped caring for us.  

Although most of the children are still studying or still incapable of thanking them materially, we are not limited to that.  We can thank them by showing appreciation, a little ‘thank you’, a little concern (doing little things we can do to lessen the daily home chores), you never know it makes them happy to see us study well too.  Sometimes they even did not want us to help at home and let us concentrate with our studies, believe me I know it because that is how mama Susan is to me. 

SPG Turnover Speech Sample

Here is my daughter's actual speech as an example.  I have written below a comprehensive OUTLINE/GUIDE and some helpful hints on delivery. 

Angel Reign
Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) President
Lopez East District SY 2016-2017

SPG Turnover Speech
24 March 2017

A pleasant morning to all our esteemed guests (___________________, _________________,
__________________,_________________) and mentors and to all my fellow-students. I am very thankful that I was given the chance being the president of our district in the past year.  Although, I could not mention a physical project that I have accomplished, I assure you that I become more of a leader in the past year. 

Being a student to my school, I have become more responsible in many ways I could never imagine.  I learned to become a big sister to fellow students and to take responsibility to the tasks I was given to lead on.  Opo, nagkaroon ako ng pakiramdam na maging mas responsable at manguna sa aking mga kamag-aral.  I kept in mind that I MUST become a good leader to be followed – that I have to show perseverance (pagiging matiyaga, creativity (pagiging malikhain), resourcefulness(pagiging mapamaraan) and a quality team player (mahusay na kasapi ng anumang grupo) that I have really not discovered yet of myself.  Nakahihiyang makita o maramdaman ng kapwa ko kamag-aral na ako’y nanginginig  kapag nahihirapan , that I can not think of a solution to accomplish what we should.  Ang posisyon po na ito ang nagbigay sa akin ng tapang para magtiwala sa sarili ko at maniwala na kakayanin ko.  Because for me, had I become weak, idle or absent-minded, hindi ko man sadyain ay ito ang nagiging pagpapakilala sa ating mga kabataan at mag-aaral sa Silangang Lopez.

My Facial Care Product

Allergy to face powder? Never liked the espasol look of some face creams? Sensitive skin?

Here is another product I wanted to share with you. Undergoing puberty, my facial skin began to break out - pimples, whiteheads and blackheads sign-up. 

Facial Wash

Being teenager then I never liked the idea and it stresses me to look at the mirror.  I started trying to use astringents, commercialized facial cleansers but still did not work.  It took long until I tried Ponds because each product takes weeks to observe I just stopped earlier than a week when the effect is worse like if it made my skin rougher, drier or more skin disturbances come out (pimples etc).

Reaction Rizal Monument Photo Bomber

I am certainly a fan of our National hero Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, I bought and read books about him and even used Patriot’s Daughter (Him as inspiration) as my pen name during college as a staffer in our University’s official publication.

I have been to Rizal Park in Manila before when it was plain and simple way back then and again not a few years ago. 

Photo Bomber Issue
Yes, the monument looks good in Pictures having a plain sky backdrop on every picture taken therein. Years gone by, everything changes as well as the surroundings. Modernization has come to life and even advancement.  I am truly glad that our country is not being left out.  It is inevitable to see new buildings, structures and even skyscrapers sprouting in the Metro. 

Amazing Chapel Construction Video Link

Everything seemed impossible because of its location (Sibale, Romblon) especially the absence of a port wherein construction materials or equipment can be transported.  God has helped his people thought of a way to construct a makeshift cargo carrier in the form of a raft floated by huge drums.

Another setback is the giant rocks were unearthed on the site.  It took several months to lift them up and a brilliant idea to recycle them to be laid down as among the foundation of the edifice.  The storm Luna has caused devastation in the Island of Sibale, Romblon but indeed is a blessing to the members of the Church of Christ. It  left dead trees that later on served as firewood to aid in solving the problem of gigantic stones. The wind that supposed to have landed in another location farther is like a miracle when IT hit the island as it TURNED BACKWARD from its direction.

The chapel’s architectural structure and engineering plan is CUSTOMIZED for the site’s topographical characteristic.  Unlike the usual steel gate and perimeter fence steel design of other chapels nationwide, theirs is made from cement considering the SALINITY of the air being the site’s proximity to the ocean. Elevation is also among the elements in the construction to adapt to the location, stairs answer the dilemma. 

Brethren from the locale have volunteered in helping the sent construction team expecting NOTHING in return but expecting to glorify our Lord God.

For the convenience of the brethren who accompany their friends and loved ones, a BAPTISMAL POOL is also constructed within the chapel – this prevents long hours of boat travel for baptism of converts.

Seeing the island, you will surprised to see the magnificent chapel nesting, Locale of Sibale, Oriental Mindoro (Ecclesiastical District).  Be more amazed to watch this video:

Pundasyon Episode (Chapel Construction)

INC Engineering & Construction

Online Pawnshop for a Change

Friends, I wanted to share with you this innovation in the pawning industry.  They eyed the Philippines as among the fastest growing on internet-penetration.  The founders thought that most people are ASSET RICH BUT SHORT OF CASH.  Minimal interest rates applied on items.  Too good to be true, no because they also earn from selling the unclaimed items to marketplace called SHOPIFY.  We are well aware that pawn amount is just a fraction of the item’s cost although they GUARANTEE high appraisal. Payments are made thru PawnHero card they will issue where pawners can withdraw their loan.  The operation is nationwide (Philippines) but they plan sooner to expand in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

The online pawnshop which is also known as PawnHero.Com – it is an app-based business running for  almost two years now.  I have a glimpse of it from the Bloomberg TV show, Bright Ideas, hosted by Mr. RJ Ledesma.  Some of the important information I noted:

What is PawnHero.Com
- basically a pawnshop at the reach of your pocket as it was labeled by Mr. Margendorff (CEO)
- a pawnshop with no physical address except for its SINGLE warehouse maintained for the pawned items
- LARGER variety of items accepted
accepts luxury items (jewelries, watches, designer handbags), motorbikes, appliances even musical instruments.  Try everything valuable

Graduation Speech Outline Plus Sample

Graduation Speech Outline
I. Greetings
- to the attendees (co-grads/parents/teachers)
-special mention of the guests (VIPs)

II. Introduction
You may start with a quote for a change.  Make sure it is somehow related to the Theme of the Program.  In my child’s case – the theme is about celebrating the event as a step for a brighter future ahead of the graduates

What I wanted to mean is that deviate from the USUAL. Think of something (not to impress) but to start your speech with a very interesting statement that MAY capture your audience.
It must be in a conversation manner – as if you are talking to a single person  - your guests as one.

III. Body of the Speech

-This may tell a SHORT story of your  journey before the day.
-Or an inspirational talk for your co-graduates to let them feel what you think you are ‘INTO’ after graduation, what awaits you.
-tips that they can keep to motivate them to strive for more

For the Country or for the Party?!

A group of topnotched lawyers and a college professor plans to file an impeachment case for the second topmost position in the Philippine government – the VP post –Leni Robredo.

In the past few months of Duterte administration, the VP has not been that supportive to the President.  VP Robredo may have fueled the international community’s suspicion that  violation of human rights had been prevalent even allegedly implying that the Duterte administration is behind all the killings (around 7000 – this record includes even domestic incidents and other cases not related to DRUGS, in FACT there is just around  2000+ comprising the number of victims in the aftermath of ‘War on Drugs’ compared to the millions of surrenderees.

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