Homeschool Help with Tutorial Video Links

Being my children in a homeschool this year, I am open to easily accessible resources other than physical library that will absolutely cost me more time and effort to reach. Teachers might also find them helpful as learning aid.

Where to Buy the Cheapest Gold Jewelries

Jewelries, especially GOLD are sure to be the best investment apart from lot or land properties that only those earning hefty sums can afford. Well, for middle-class people - gold is reasonably affordable.

Where in the Philippines you can buy the cheapest jewelry on sale? It is no longer in Ongpin alone that you can find good jewelries at reasonable price.

Dengvaxia Vaccine Controversy Reaction

Recently, there has been rumors that the Dengvaxia formulated by Sanofi Pasteur will soon be recalled due to the discovery on its adverse effects to the patients vaccinated with it that have not yet contacted Dengue firsthand.  A Public Health expert also a former DOH( Department of Health) Undersecretary, by Dr. Susan Pineda – Mercado have spoken on a very  recent interview that they had earlier advised the  DOH (Dept. of Health) to refrain from implementing the use of Dengvaxia although Sanofi Pasteur reps has reiterated that the country’s BFAD has approved of it way back in 2014. Also in an International Public Health Magazine published in 2015 – the general public has also been warned that on the first two years of vaccination, it can immunize individuals who have not had Dengue before BUT will soon suffer from severe Dengue infection after the two-year grace period, allegedly.

ASEAN Summit Editorial

The recently concluded 31st ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation) held in the country last November 10-14, 2017 chaired by our esteemed President has brought new HOPE for the Filipino people.   It has also melted away the 'ice' among leaders who were intrigued by various controversies in social media. Some delicate issues between a concerned country has also been addressed.  Security Issues as well as Climate Change are

Greater Economic Integration
Easier trade negotiations, mutuall-beneficial trade liberalization and relations - creating more business opportunities and jobs for individuals.  That can only happen if more investors come to establish their factories and business with the partner countries.

Hope because, not just the general agreement on all ASEAN members that should give priority to the welfare of overseas workers as well as illegal recruitment/trafficking in the region.

Recommended Toothbrush

Friends, I have tried so many toothbrushes before from the most popular expensive brand to the cheapest ones on emergencies.  Of all those tries, I found one that is REMARKABLY very soft to gums but firm on cleaning teeth. 

Impressive Cotton Buds

NOT a Sponsored Post. A product from EXPERIENCE.

Cotton buds are of help in cleaning our delicate ears or baby’s nabel, applying skin ointments and even in smoothing the lines created by your eyebrow pencil etc. 

What if that buds are so dry and stiff  that the cotton around it felt bad inside your ears and might hurt your brows?  The cotton strands are scattered-up like a cloud saying ‘hi’ to you? 

MTRCB Board Members MUST-Read

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has been so strict when it comes to implementing policies with regards to rating and observing daily tv programs to the point of suspending individuals/celebrities who had become verbally offensive in hosting noontime shows. I hope that they can STAND on it at all cost.  And this really needs attention.

I hope that the teasers too must be regulated.  I noticed that our satellite cable tv provider (among the giants in the industry), has been negligent in airing teasers sensitive to viewer’s age. 

Ordinary But Extraordinary Bath Towel

 Not a Sponsored Post.

There are many kinds of towels made just for a particular use – face, hand and the most popular that every one of us have is a bath towel.  I grew up using the famous brand CA---for its tried and tested absorbency and even introducing the brand to friends and my own family now until I have tried this really amazing towel.  Look for these labels.

It is a MICROFIBER towel, it has guaranteed absorbency. I have tried a towel brand cheaper than the popular brand, I am disgusted to find-out that no matter how I wipe, I am still wet and the fibers are sticking on my skin too.  And maybe because of it, it easily smells bad when not dried under the sun.

Easier to pack when you travel, it is just thin and light weight.  No trouble bringing out on excursions, beach activities and other out-of-town engagements. You can wash it daily because of its lightness as if you washed a medium sized shirt, no trouble at all unlike using BIGGER and HEAVIER towels that only a WASHING MACHINE can enjoy laundering. And another good thing is that it is a lot easier to dry after laundering.

It comes in different colors BUT it is not color fast (it does not bleed when washed). The best of all, in this trying times, IT IS SO AFFORDABLE! You would not believe that it only costs a hundred pesos to own one. I bought two of it in SM Mall's Home Section, and the two others in Pacific Mall Lucena, I think it is also available in other department stores nationwide.

Challenges Facing the Students Today

Parents knew the value of educating their children that is why even in a so called third world country like ours, it becomes the government's priority even associating the budget on the Department of Education somehow with the Department of Social Welfare and Development through the Cash Transfer Program (Link: Conditional Cash Transfer (4P's) wherein among the requirements is the enrollment of every child in every recipient family in a school to somehow make way to cut the poverty cycle. 

However, the government and the parents want a successful career ending for their children still there are inevitable reasons why they could not pursue studying. Aside from poverty, bad influences hang around and entice them...

Among those reasons had been recently reminded to us  by Horatio Castillo III - and admittedly the most unacceptable one, death. A death that is inflicted by supposed-to-be people whom one thought to be a friend and the worst - a sibling! Now, also the members who are in the Initiation Rite are in the brink of losing their future because of the mess they end-up with.

The problem with our government is that the legislative arm created a toothless law that ONLY REGULATES 'hazing' and accepted is a requirement to be passed by an aspiring applicant of any club (refer to the screenshot below for the CLEAR definition/synonym).

Never Forget Our Teachers

We are celebrating the Teachers' Month (Sept. 5  - Oct 5).  Have you ever recognize what your teachers have shared with you?

The teachers are generous enough to impart their knowledge to their students.Teachers who did not really treat their profession as one but a duty and  mission to fulfill - a mission to take part in the creation of SOMEBODY out of a nobody. 

Reaction Mindanao Martial Law Declaration

I being a citizen far and away from Marawi could have felt lesser of the tension in the area BUT still I have my opinion about the issue.  The declaration of Martial Law (Proclamation 216 s. of 2017) in the whole of Mindanao last May 23, 2017 by the President Duterte  for me, is just the right move.  

It is evident that the President has no other motive such as power extension etc. but the situation calls for the declaration.  The Maute brothers who had caused the Marawi siege has bigger plans and has been discovered to have connections with the International terrorist group ISIS very evident on their flags and the killed snipers of different nationalities other than our fellow-countrymen.  It is not just a rebellion of a little sort, it was carefully planned and financed by unknown parties yet - collecting the high-caliber fire arms and the money from the enemies' hideout. The brothers alone could not have staged such a huge act if nobody is backing them up. 

Recommended Apps from GPlay

Language Learners

Learning is categorized SITUATIONALLY you can easily find what you need to TRANSLATE at the moment.  And once you hit the word you can hear the correct pronunciation too.  What is BEST? It works in OFFLINE MODE – most of the apps I choose are working offline because we still have dead cellsites in the country like here in Quezon Province – most locations are in 2G  reception only – superlative slow connection speed or almost no internet connection at all.

The Second Chance Shirts Factory

My family has been a patron of Unlad shirts ever since. We are benefitting from its quality and I am well aware that the makers of these shirts are among the people who are given a second chance in life.  Unlad factories are mostly located at the FYM Foundation relocation sites – wherein victims of various disasters (victims of storms/flooding, volcanic eruptions etc.)  had been transferred by the Church Administration for sustainable living.

Yes, MOST of the refugees are members of the Church BUT the Unlad factory workers are not limited to the members alone.  There are also workers from other religions.  Most of them never had an experience in sewing or operating sewing machines.  The factories are not built for PROFITS as the primary purpose but to extend help – that is why the sewers are not limited to experienced workers. Those who do not have income are trained first with allowances because the Church Administration knew they badly need a source of income to start their life with.

Why Yes to Eco-Farming

Reasons Why Eco-farming is Beneficial

1.  Environment-friendly

Because Eco-farming only employs organic fertilizers, it helps preserve our environment - saving us from CFC and Aerosole containing products to grow our crops. The air and bodies of water adjacent to the farms will always be safe for the community dwellers too.

2. Economical

My Poem

Inspired by the word STEEL, I come-up with this poem.  It can be sang to the tune of  'Yesterday's Dream'...

Longing to be Safe
Serve You Oh God in words, acts and in mind
The cloak of Thy wisdom may forever be mine
Guide my endeavors be always upright
I shall not move away from the path of ‘life’

Troubles even hardships might seize me
I promise to hold on completely…
I swear to guard myself in moments of bliss
I shall remain with You forever in peace…

Eternal Life be my crown
On that faithful day
as well as my loved ones and it will be great
May You open their eyes to Your righteous path
Lord God hear my prayers…
we long to be saved…

Ever be loyal to Your Overseer
Keeping in mind he speaks on Your behalf
I‘ll not be wasting his time keeping me
I’ll be a good disciple for the rest of my life…

Lord God, equip me with Your armor of love
Your shield of kindness defend me
Kindly endow me the helmet of truth
And let me forever dwell in Your refuge…
Lord God, hear my prayers…

I long to be saved.

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