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Language Learners

Learning is categorized SITUATIONALLY you can easily find what you need to TRANSLATE at the moment.  And once you hit the word you can hear the correct pronunciation too.  What is BEST? It works in OFFLINE MODE – most of the apps I choose are working offline because we still have dead cellsites in the country like here in Quezon Province – most locations are in 2G  reception only – superlative slow connection speed or almost no internet connection at all.
I really love this app creator brand, UFOSTUDIO.

I dream of learning different language to use for my blog and reach out to different audience that is why I am happy learning about this app.  I have tried other similar apps but I found it very easy to use, practically uncomplicated and complete.  You should try it. Here are the links on Google Play, choose language ...


Dictionary and Thesaurus

If you want a handy electronic dictionary and thesaurus, no need for a separate gadget! Here is a very useful application that I strongly recommend.  Whenever I meet unfamiliar words I just bring-out my android device and encode the said word on the search pane of this app.  Satisfaction guaranteed. Pronunciation is also guided. Plus a bonus word games such as vocabulary tester, name that thing (on pic), true or false (general facts).  This app is very aid-ducational and enjoyable. Works OFFLINE J


Android Wallpapers

I find this app nice. For flower lovers like me, you will going to like this too.   They look elegant and classic.  The speed can also be adjusted.  These are two of the many displays you can choose from.


I hope these useful apps will be of great joy and help to you.  Have a great day everyone.
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