Kyowa Induction Cooker Product Review Plus More

After around 10 years of using gas stove, I finally decided to try the innovation in the cooking industry today –  the induction cooker.  A gas stove with an 11kg tank is good for one  and a half month in my household. A filled gas tank costs me around seven hundred pesos (PhP 700/45days = PhP 15.55 daily costs), that is about 15-17 US$. Good if the gas costs remains stable but the month before my last buy, it costs me nine hundred plus pesos (US $20-22) bringing the daily consumption to twenty pesos. 

Economically speaking, induction cooker (powered by electricity), which I have been using for almost five months now just costs me around three hundred pesos ( US $6-8) a month, giving me around PhP 450  (US $ 10-12)for one and a half month or forty-five days ( a consumption in an average of P10/daily) – almost half on gas consumption. 

More of the Advantages of Using an Induction Cooker:

1. It is hassle free to use. Very user-friendly.
Just learning few important keys and features, you are up for years of cooking till the stove is worn-out :)

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