Unleash Your Child's Potential II: Singing/Dancing/Acting

Here is the sequel to my recent post (Unleash Your Child's Potential: Drawings/Artworks )on helping your child polish inner talents/skills.  

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Equip your child/children with the necessary tools to get her started:
  • First, get the necessary equipment to do it.
  • Buy professional microphone (I recommend Shure or Sony Brands - look for the Dynamic Supercardioid mic for noise reduction)
  • Must also have quite good speakers and amplifier
  • Mini-home theater will do. Make sure there is a USB port for practicality. 
  • You can download karaoke songs from the internet for FREE.
  • Sometimes wireless mic is better but most are not rechargeable
  • In dancing, comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Lapel mic for acting

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