Be Blooming with Jewelries

I have my favorite ‘skirt and blouse’ worn on several important occasions –  I wonder why on the last event I had that pair on me, friends could not help complimenting that I look blooming, I even heard a ‘wow’. I kept thinking what made the difference the fact that I am also wearing the same dress and shoes.

Idiom Decoded:'Break-even'

Wanted: Reliable Internet Signal Booster

I have more to share but my internet connection limits me.  I am in a remote area where the broadband/internet connection is very weak and no DSL offers yet around because only a few household have a PC in the area.  Even wifi connection is not possible. Fortunately, mobile phone signals are just a bit fine(say I place it on the window where three signal bars appear), - when I get the phone from where the signal is, the call will be hanged-up or my message wont be sent, the signal disappears.  As my plug-it broadband shows, I only got 2G signal in my place.

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