Wanted: Reliable Internet Signal Booster

I have more to share but my internet connection limits me.  I am in a remote area where the broadband/internet connection is very weak and no DSL offers yet around because only a few household have a PC in the area.  Even wifi connection is not possible. Fortunately, mobile phone signals are just a bit fine(say I place it on the window where three signal bars appear), - when I get the phone from where the signal is, the call will be hanged-up or my message wont be sent, the signal disappears.  As my plug-it broadband shows, I only got 2G signal in my place.

I am on top of a mountainous area but it seemed that the signal was blocked somewhere or the internet transmitter may be far from the vicinity and is not that accessible. Before the latest storm that hit the country, I can connect even with just a single signal bar but now – how ever I tried, I could not.  I am saying all these not to justify my shortcomings of having no daily posts but to ask your perseverance and I do hope that you will always be there to support this blog. 

I hope Cignal cable tv provider would launch internet service to consumers in my place, I am sure to be among the firsts to subscribe. I know the said company can offer such remote connection like providing television channels that are impossible to have in rural areas.

What I do now is to write and visit the nearby town to post. I am balancing my schedule and make sure that my children wont be deprived of my quality time while I am indulging in my writing hobby. I write in the afternoon, after doing my home chores and attending to my family’s meals.  There is a week that I haven’t got a post because me and my children (both of them) are reviewing for District Quiz Bee.  I want you to know that I value the time you spent every time you visit my blog and would love to please all of you with my posts.

Can anybody suggest a solution that I can try to fix the problem with my internet connection considering the area? I would be very much willing to try and review your product to solve it if you have. I will recommend  it if it really works. My country  will be a great market for this product.
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