What I Like about Japanese People

History told us that Japanese soldiers during the first World War were not that “kind” to us Filipinos, but I hope we can move on to the next chapter of History that we have to create for the future generation. It is not of course impossible for things to change and mostly when it comes to people having “intellectual capacity” to perceive things differently and even change for the better.

I have these countless misconception about Japanese People. The moment I hear a Japan Citizen – what comes to my mind is the fearful(?) ‘Yaku-- Organization and Japan's  ultra-famous sharp-edged Samurai.  I felt like running seeing a sight of Nihonjin  around. It so happened that I have met two Japan Citizens who had changed my perception on them.

Photo taken by: Mrs. Lee-Yap Nakajima  Yr. 2002

I formerly worked in a Japanese Heavy Equipment Trading Firm. The Company’s President, Mr. Nakajima is of pure-Japanese blood – his partner Mr. Sasaki (former owner of Multinational Village) too have not just became my big bosses but also friends as well as their wives and children – having Filipina spouses.

Although I can not speak Nihonggo, I have just learned a few – our communication medium is the English Language.  Here are the things I found out that I really like about them:

-Japanese people are minimalist, very simple. They prefer function over design. They are very practical people. Visiting their residence when the family has special occasions, I have seen that they have a table for the purpose of a place to put their plates and glasses while eating. They are not the type that splurges on very expensive antique or famous designer-brand furniture and fixtures. Take note, they can afford it but still…

Renaming a Computer-generated File

Every  computer file has its name and its extension:


If the file is an image, the usual format is jpeg and the extension name is .jpg  

"mypicture" is the FILE NAME. 

The file can not display the image unless the right extension is written or copied again after renaming the file; same is true with movie files. Renaming a videoke file I have downloaded, the file plays successfully after downloading after I have renamed it there comes the problem, it would not open again the way it has played before. 

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