Reaction on Marcos' Burial

First of all, I respect the claiming victims of the Martial Law.  But above it, I respect the decision of the -Supreme Court.  We have the SC to settle issues that matter to our country that are deemed to be irresolvable by the lower courts or even issues that may put the people’s trust in the existing government in peril.

Being sensationalized are the victims who are said to be tortured during captivity, this is not to imply anything bad – BUT where are they when arrested for questioning? Are not they in the middle of protests (that most of the times become violently aggressive?). These testimonies had instill hatred and caused many of our fellow Pinoys rushing in the streets to rally, we can not also discount the social media reactions.

Our country is democratic, everyJuan can be heard.  BUT, democracy became boundless, unrespectable of the Government. The ones who threaten governance and incite sedition destabilize the country which has riffling effect in the economy.  BUT STILL, there is no license given to authorities to abduct, torture or murder implicated suspects. It is saddening to hear the unfortunate stories.

‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ (Heroes’ Cemetery) is known to be the burial site of those who died in government service – soldiers, cops, and even former Presidents.  There is no requirements like medals, list of accomplishments needed to qualify as prescribed by the Law, no wonder why the Supreme Court favored Marcos Burial.

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The once given to the former President can not be called ‘Heroes Burial’, he was just accorded based on his former rank in government. What is circulating around are just personal assumptions hearing that former President FE Marcos is buried in a cemetery with ‘HERO’ on its name (‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ is ‘Heroes’ Cemetery’ in English). Why had most of the protesters had taken the cemetery’s name heartily? We have heard of a legislator who suggested to RENAME the cemetery – just to give justice (?!) to both sides and to stop the nonsense clamor this issue has brought to the nation, the international community is seeing it on the news.  This can hamper our economy, even the personal lives of these people who are spending time they could have spent at work or with their families.

Burying a former President in LNB did not change History BUT the literal burial address, let us grow-up.  If you are an educator, do not teach little children to protest, they have no clear picture of it and they can only be influenced by anybody who wants to inject ideas on them. They still do not have convictions of their own – I was distraught seeing on the NEWS elementary students of a private school protesting (either the teacher wanted to be seen on tv or she just wanted a rest day of teaching?!).

Who had started the MYTH that burying Marcos in LNB changes History?! That is exaggerated.  Nothing changes but the MERE BURIAL ADDRESS!  History is called such because it is in the PAST.  Where or in what dictionary or encyclopedia that the word ‘history’ is defined as ‘present’?! How can History already written in the books and instilled in the minds of the people may be changed in a wink of an eye by the present situation when it has passed? Are they nuts?! We are not in the movie where we can adventurously go back to the past.  Spelling PAST and PRESENT is totally different – what more their MEANING?! The facts remain the same ONLY the burial itself is NEW. What we do today will just be PART of History tomorrow. It does NOT have the POWER to INFLUENCE what has happened in the past. What will be added to Philippine History in the future? Marcos was buried in LNB that date, NO MORE. He did not become a hero nor erases his bad or good deeds either. He was just a former President of the Republic.

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