The Importance of Strong Family Ties

I am meeting a lot of people in all the places we have been.  I usually get-to-know those who have aged alone - as in NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) or those who have settled down at the right age (mid-20s) and the ones who get hooked early as in "have a family at a younger age".  I am somehow (without them knowing) curious and observing, trying to find answers what led them  to live that way.

Growing old alone is not the best thing for anybody BUT it is not the worst for sure.  I saw the most unlikely situations in those who have had children at an early age.

Mama, my brother Jay-ar and my daughters

One thing I noticed with the families of those who have aged alone is that, they seemed content with their families. Their parents and siblings are very affectionate and they seemed to have an open-communication.  Those families are somewhat like a "barkada" or peer group but still respecting the parents.  

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