Unleash Your Child's Potential I : Artworks/Drawings

As soon as children age four, their inclination shows. Would you believe, my Angel Reign has shown her dancing prowess as early as she is just one year old - she danced while sitting (not yet walking expertly) hearing the bumps of a spoon in a cup while I am mixing my coffee. She is indeed a good dancer  as commented by her teachers and later on I discovered she can sing too. But mostly their other talents manifest when they can stand firmly or hold objects like pencil steadily. My Riana Ysobel showed hers when she is four.  She love to draw. In fact, I kept her drawings since then and it is more than a box now, I am really having trouble finding blank papers for her to draw on, she never stops asking till you give her :)

Riana Ysobel's "Our Family : Potato Version"
That's me her, her sister, and dad :)
Riana Ysobel

Tips to hone your child's potential:

If the day does not end without her drawing the family, house, the cat even just anything she has in her imagination, that is a hint she loves what her doing.  Here's how you can help her:

My Top 5 Best Studying Habits

Looking for ways to pass the final exams?  Stressed on memorizing lots of details especially on enumerations? I have here some well-tested tips I used during high school and college. I also taught my daughters these techniques,and it worked! 

Loom Band Frenzy

Angel Reign's  loom band works

My daughter, Angel Reign, has fancied loom bands since she first saw it on national tv with a celebrity's daughter showing it.

Angel Reign is always wanting to video her loom-band making and post it on Youtube.  I told her to wait till I buy her a box of bands :)

The bands are as elastic as it is - it can be made into different things, your imagination is the limit.  If you are going to search the net, you will find different things made from the world-famous loom bands as odd as a mini-dress for real-life human.

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