Help Build Your Child's First Vocabulary

Babies' brain development starts inside the womb.  We can read books, pamphlets and most of the times pediatricians or ob-gyne recommend that we listen to classical music like Mozart Effect during and after pregnancy.  Listening to such kind of music is also advised for children while they are sleeping.

       Riana's Medals & Ribbons
      in Pre-elem 
Angel Reign emerged as the Champion in English
District Quiz both in Grade III
(Buenavista District 2013) and Grade IV - Mono-grade (Calauag District 2014)

After I bought a Mozart Effect CD I immediately transferred its content to my PC (CDs easily get scratches and does not last long) and have it installed on phone's memory too.  From the time my eldest (Angel Reign) is months old in my womb I am listening to that music and I have made it a lullaby on her every night sleep-and I did the same to Riana Ysobel. And to add to their first vocabulary, I would suggest the following based on my true-to-life experiences as a mom:

1. Start pointing things around to your child - saying the name of each thing. Like the pillow, blanket,

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