Writing Basics

Importance of Writing

Writing gives way to deeper emotions to be expressed. There are things that we could not put across verbally that we can easily and clearly bring up in “black and white”. Writing enlivens the power of minds and ideas of every individual who is striving to be heard – opinion, complaints, important ideas or any message one wanted to get across.

I honestly believe that “The pen is mightier than a sword…” , writing can solve society dilemmas through bringing the needed changes; it can also make everything understandable although it can also damage instantly .

Who can be a writer?

Do you love to share stories? Are you a keen observant of everything that happens around you? That is a good indication that you can be a writer. It is considered a skill.

Amazing Vase: Water Bonsai

Try making this beautiful and really amazing “living” plant on a vase. Yes, making is the right term. You have got to choose a plant from your backyard, whatever pleases you to see. I could not guarantee that it will live on “water” BUT at least you TRY – I think the possibility that any brown-stemmed plant can grow on water is endless. It is also draws conversation to your visitors the moment they notice its magnificence. Here is the procedure I cannot wait to share with you:

1. Choose the “thicker” branch of the plant. That means the older or mature part.

2. Cut a part of it diagonally or just cut any way you want then just re-cut it after, this time diagonally/slanting. It has been proven that roots appear faster in this kind of cut.

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