Writing Basics

Importance of Writing

Writing gives way to deeper emotions to be expressed. There are things that we could not put across verbally that we can easily and clearly bring up in “black and white”. Writing enlivens the power of minds and ideas of every individual who is striving to be heard – opinion, complaints, important ideas or any message one wanted to get across.

I honestly believe that “The pen is mightier than a sword…” , writing can solve society dilemmas through bringing the needed changes; it can also make everything understandable although it can also damage instantly .

Who can be a writer?

Do you love to share stories? Are you a keen observant of everything that happens around you? That is a good indication that you can be a writer. It is considered a skill.

Writing Tips
First, you got to have a topic that you really know “back-to-back”; limited knowledge of the topic opens our minds to Research. Yes, it does not hurt to do some research on the topic you wanted to discuss about. It can be done through interviewing some experts on that field, securing documents from reliable sources,watching documentaries or even scanning previous news reports (say for example the topic is Current Issue). One should be reminded that we need to thank the sources (website, experts etc.) by attributing or acknowledging references – this only means not making it appear to own the ideas,  not plagiarizing or stealing them from the original authors.

Thesaurus  is every writer’s bestfriend, make it yours too. We are not talking about Dinosaurs here, friend  it just sounds alike. A writer need not mention the same word all over the content having a Thesaurus at hand. Thesaurus lists synonyms and even antonyms of a word, I recommend it than a dictionary when writing - dictionary defines a word, replacement of a redundant /repetitive word is the demand to make the article not boring to read and that is where the Thesaurus becomes useful. The “Microsoft Word” application on your PC or laptops have this tool – go to the tabs of your word document then click on “Review”, it is right there where you can find the Thesaurus then click it. It will appear on the right corner of your document, type-in the word and press enter-selection of synonyms will appear with the antonyms at the bottom.

The use of incomprehensible or very deep, seldom heard words spoils the aim of writing. When writing, use the words that bests explain what one is saying. This is not a vocabulary contest, the goal here is to get your audience know what message you want to convey. Tell me, how can you use a word like ELUCIDATE when you can just simply use the word EXPLAIN instead; why use the word “comprehend” when you can simply use the word “understand” – wherein  most of the readers especially those who are not so fluent in the English language can figure out what you are trying to say? Writing is not  guessing nor a mystery game either…  It would add-up to the vocabulary of your reader somehow to look-up for the meaning of the word you use BUT for busy people that would take minutes of their precious time that might result to fewer audiences later on not finding your writings not that  instantly understandable.

Start scribbling and express yourself. Good luck with your writing.

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