Two Kitchen Essentials

 You got to have these two fellows on your kitchen - the mini trash can adjacent to your sink and the ladles, knives etc. organizer. I really find them great especially the organizer, you have got everything in one place. See each sample photos below.

Yes, you have the larger one for all the other garbages you have at home but it is better if you would have a separate small bin adjacent to the faucet sink – dedicated just for the wet leftovers from plates and cooking mess (like fruits and vegies’ peel etc.) 

Handy Clothes Hanger

This is very helpful, after getting your clothes from the dryer – no need to bring outdoor while suspending each on a hanger – just hook this handy clothesline maybe on the window or if you have a nail on the wall or even at the cabinet’s handle while hanging each of the clothes one by one in a solo hanger.

Home Ideas: Mini Ceiling Fan

Hey mom-friends, you may never notice the stress the weather brings us…I personally feel more exhausted when the weather is hot and I got no choice but to finish my kitchen obligations. 

For an energy and cost -efficient choice, minifans ranging from just around US $ 4-10  (depending on brand) would be a great choice.  It is not so strong, just gentle enough to alleviate the annoying heat of the weather while washing the dishes or cooking.  It is gentle enough not to reach the stove flame compared to using desk or stand fan.

The Philippines' War Against Illegal Drugs

The Current Scenario
The daily news reports bear the voluntary submission of drug-related offenders be it in the Metro Manila or in the farthest Barangay in the provinces. Recent Killings  involving Drug Trafficking has alarmed human rights advocates.  There are those who are entrapped BUT has exchanged bullets with the police operatives and still others are gunned-down by vigilantes riding in-tandem (who are believed to be liquidated by their syndicate association). I am one of the self-confessed followers of the President and his ‘Change is Coming’ crusade – that includes fighting corruption, criminality as well as on illegal-drugs.

We need each other’s help to accommodate the thousands of surrendering drug personalities around the country.  It is not imaginable that the ‘drug menace’ is this WORST already – almost a hundred thirty thousand individuals has surrendered No wonder why heinous crime perpetrators had become the usual cover of daily newspapers. Together we can help make this CHANGE come true.  It would not be that easy especially considering the means these former pushers find a way of living after drugs. But I believe in lessening criminality, more investors will come (plus the traffic solution may have a riffling effect too) to us.

The Duterte Administration’s Conviction
The President has warned the public of his intensive and massive campaign on the use and trafficking of illegal drugs.  He has admonished everyone to surrender themselves to the authorities before getting killed (in case they resist and fight) on a buy-bust operation etc. 

President Duterte likewise warned the law enforcers should observe legalities and the existing Laws on dealing with the apprehension of the offenders.  However, crooked policemen might take advantage of the self-defense alibi, IF ever they wanted to silence an accomplice or even cohorts for the drug-recycling trade PNP Chief Ronaldo dela Rosa has mentioned on his assumption speech.  He revealed the style of the unscrupulous policemen re-selling drugs confiscated from raids done by their department which he tagged as ninja cops.  This DOES NOT NECESSARILY generalize all policemen BUT few exist in reality. 

Reaction President Duterte's SONA 2016

The recent SONA of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte last July 25, 2016 at Batasang Pambansa has stopped Filipinos from all walks of life anywhere in the world to listen to his every word. I am one of the eager fellows who had waited for the day wanting to hear what the newly-elected president's plan for the country and most especially how he would handle the issues that directly affect each of us.

My anticipations has grown bigger after his phenomenal crusade on Illegal Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse as he has promised during the campaign period has rendered more than a hundred thoudsand drug dependents (user or pusher) has voluntarily surrendered most especially in Metro Manila and in the nearby provinces.

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