A Good Start for Your Family

Every morning I am thinking of what nutritious meal can I prepare without so much effort. There are a lot of recipes but it takes so much time and a lot of ingredients that must be readied to get it done.

It is Time to Tweet

What is Twitter? I define twitter as a social media’s child. Twitter becomes the marketing voice of social media posts such as on Blogger, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Youtube. Twitter is widely-used in mobile phones that is why it became really accessible.

Children's Awareness on Sex for a Good Cause

When to educate children about sex? No matter  how we delay, awareness and curiosity become our children’s companion as they grow-up since we could not regulate shows on tv (here in the Philippines, censorship is implemented by MTRCB – but there are still not so hot scenes left unedited for the sake of some stories). Although children did not see the actual intercourse, no matter how we try, the scenes before it are enough to arouse their curiosity – seeing two people kissing, undressing etc. And without our knowledge some of their peers might be the culprit too – those who have parents who collect pornographic materials who became irresponsible in storing them. Those who neglect their parental responsibility of keeping their children away from things they should not be in-the-know at an early age.

Getting Meatloaf Out Perfectly

When I am still single and sometimes tired from the day’s work in the office and mother is out-of-town, I have these moments of wanting to have dinner ASAP. The best choice would be canned meatloaf.  The problem I had is getting the loaf full and so I can slice and fry it. It always comes out cracked – you will lose appetite seeing it a mess and it is too difficult fry in small broken pieces.  Now, I know the technique- for those who had that same problem like I was telling, you have got to read this.

Meet the 'Cloud Storage' or Virtual Drive

Why You Don’t Need to Buy that Expensive External Hard/Flash Drive?

The world is getting digital nowadays, everything can be operated by computer from car factories to hospital operations and now virtual drive is getting into the scene. Yes, you do not need to have an ‘actual drive’ to bring around that sometimes went missing, damaged etc.

Villa Espina Falls, Quezon Province

Nowadays if you want to go to a place that will definitely please your senses, you have to pay for it. Tourist destinations – aside from transportation expense and maybe an overnight accommodation to enjoy the long trip. How about this FREE paradise...

My Kind of Coffee – Taste Plus Benefits

I never had a taste of coffee my entire life until I get married. I wonder how it tasted that my husband asks me to make him two cups at the most even the weather is scorching hot, whew! When I serve coffee, I refrain from tasting it unlike when cooking that I get to savor the dish before it could reach the dinner table – I consider coffee as something ‘personal’ because making a cup of it, it sure belongs to a particular person and tasting it for me is synonymous to ‘eating without  a serving spoon’ on a buffet dish. No wonder, I could not perfect the mixture for just a cup but I am perfectly aware that everyone has their own concoction of coffee close to taste buds-with cream, black, tealike etc. 

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