Tips to Keep the Love Alive in Your Married Life

Missing those days you are just starting the family? Here are some tips to enliven the gloomy husband and wife relationship you are having:

Praise Your Spouse

-Say something that could brighten your spouse's day. The nice manicure, the neat coat and tie and the like.

Criticize in a Constructive Way

Reaction Paper: Fallen 44 (Mamasapano Massacre) Update

The hearing today just have some good outcome.  Relieved PNP Chief Allan Purisima (resigned) had now admitted that he held the responsibility on commanding the SAF at least, it is a "little" accomplishment as for now. He said guilt of the fact has pushed him to abdicate. Thanks for the wit of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  Purisima can not anymore deny  his GREAT participation on the awful death of his 44 men. Still, there is no getting-back of what we had lost - the lives of our pitiful service men after recognizing who is to blame.  We are just merely diverting the public's emotions away from the real issue here.

Love Love Love Movies and Songs Suggestions

Here are some suggested movies to watch and music to search and download this time of the month, they are classic and old but still good to re-play, in no particular order:
Classic Movies to Watch:

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