Reaction Paper: Fallen 44 (Mamasapano Massacre) Update

The hearing today just have some good outcome.  Relieved PNP Chief Allan Purisima (resigned) had now admitted that he held the responsibility on commanding the SAF at least, it is a "little" accomplishment as for now. He said guilt of the fact has pushed him to abdicate. Thanks for the wit of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.  Purisima can not anymore deny  his GREAT participation on the awful death of his 44 men. Still, there is no getting-back of what we had lost - the lives of our pitiful service men after recognizing who is to blame.  We are just merely diverting the public's emotions away from the real issue here.

And the now viral video of  "brutal killing of  a SAF member" shooting the man on his face twice and removing the bullet proof first on a SAF's body is a mere fact of  what the BIFF is calling a "misencounter". Are we fools to believe?!(Recent news said that among the forty-four men, twenty-seven were shot on the face. The troupe leader had two close-range shots on his face, as proven by the forensic authorities. Three of the SAF men were shot after the bullet-proof vest was removed).

That is why many Muslims in Mindanao has demonstrated their appeal to continue the seventeen-year-long peace negotiations and the passing of the BBL draft (Bangsamoro Basic Law) into a law after the consultation on its enactment is postponed following the Mamasapano incident - fearing the consequences entailed by the gradually surfacing truth on what REALLY happened on January 25 that led to the massacre. 

Social media is also actively involved in it, even ordinary people are expressing their unwelcoming comments on the BBL - and many had commented NO TO PEACE TALK and YES TO ALL-OUT WAR. BIFF Peace Panel Chairman, Mohagher Iqbal has extended his condolences to the families of the Fallen 44, he attended the senate hearing today after coming back from a trip in Indonesia. He also commented on the viral video that he says he just saw in a newspaper headline, not seeing the actual video yet.  Telling that who ever have done that shall be seriously penalized. Good to hear that Mr. Iqbal, but we are in doubt of the sincerity of the other group's (BIFF-in an interview their spokesperson Misry Mama said they are not going to return the SAF's firearms unless on another encounter again - seems they do not support BBL) intentions on the "peace negotiations" knowing the gun factory and the training camp they have in their vicinity.  

One more thing, rumors said that Marwan has stayed there in Mamasapano for almost thirteen years living with a family, I am one of those who are asking how come that a high-profile terrorist like Marwan and Uzman had camped near their territory without their knowledge? And if their "intelligence/informers" are that morons (not noticing the terrorists at all) why the hell they are able to prepare for the SAF's arrival in the area? The statement and the fact is not confusing at all?! whew, anyway this is just my own opinion. 

I had to bear with our fellow-countrymen who still wanted to go on with the negotiations, reading some  comments from netizenz and all over broadsheets helped me understand why they still wanted it, their concern for voting YES to BBL is, as they say it is a win-win situation for both sides of each concern. Preferring to sacrifice the forty-four that we can not rise-up from the grave and protecting the interest of the millions.  Haters might cause more bombing anywhere in the country had the BBL refused, frankly speaking - we are held on the neck one mistake we may die.

Larger part of Mindanao (12 municipalities and two cities in addition to the former ARMM's jurisdiction) shall be included in BBL and the freedom to use and audit their region's revenue, I hope we are not staking too much life when we made the wrong judgment. As I commented on my former reaction write-up, may the funds not be used to strengthen their weaponry and recruit more trainees to join their league. We can be rest assured if the BIFFs are truly SINCERE of their plans to have peace,I am not sure if we can find peace-of mind thinking of those I mentioned once the BBL is enacted. 

Again, we are left with two options : first is YES and second is still YES to BBL. They are good enough to give us and the Government that generous choice. Remaining confused up to this moment hearing my heart, I want NO but practically speaking and taking into consideration the possible outcomes of that choice, I might consider a YES.

Here is the link on the first Reaction Paper I have written  Reaction Paper I .

UPDATE: 6 March 2015
IMPORTANT -it is about understanding the BBL thoroughly and it has changed my conviction about is the link Bangsamoro Basic Law Reaction Paper/Important Infos BBL with Links

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