Love Love Love Movies and Songs Suggestions

Here are some suggested movies to watch and music to search and download this time of the month, they are classic and old but still good to re-play, in no particular order:
Classic Movies to Watch:

1. Notting Hill (Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant)
2. Maid in Manhattan (Jennifer Lopez)
3. Coming to America (Eddie Murphy)
4. The Mask of Zorro (Antonio Banderas/Catherine Zeta-Jones)
5. Titanic (Kate Winslet/Leonardo di Caprio)

Songs of Love:

1. Of All the Things (Regine Velasquez version)
2. If Tomorrow  Never Comes (Ronan Keating)
3. I'd Rather (Luther Vandross)
4. Everyday I Love You (Boyzone)
5. Born for You (David Pomeranz)
6. Forevermore (Side A Band)
7. I will Take You Forever (Kris Lawrence & Denise Laurel)
8. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways (MYMP)
9. Ikaw (Yeng Constantino)
10. I'll Always Love You (Nina)

Here are free download sites:

Or just copy the titles and Google it.

I suggest Format Factory  from Softonic as a file converter (it's fast and easy to use).  If you want to save your download in a flash drive and watch it on your TV via DVD player, the file format should be MPEG/MPEG 1 or 2.  

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