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I have previously watched telenovelas starting from the unforgettable Marimar, The Legal Wife, Temptation Wife, and now Two Wives - all depicting infidelity and affecting family values.  

I am worried that the children and young adults  that are excited to watch and follow the series might think that getting on that situations therein is just an ordinary thing.  That everybody has their moment of infidelity in life especially on married couples. Their values might be influenced on the negative side especially the boys. 

Looking on the positive side, the novelas may inform both the spouses about the feelings of being fooled or even the  grave consequences of infidelity.  Men who play around may start to understand that women's sentiments are not joke. The depression, the nervous-break-down they suffer and the trauma are to be expected especially when this happens again and again.  A husband are skeptical of the wife's reaction and "The Legal Wife"  succeeded to show the real-life burdens of women who even experience paranoia. People around are becoming aware and more understanding of the behavior of  victim-wives of the forbidden affairs, not just laughing at them or criticizing them for being jealous and suspicious.

In Philippine TV, that sort of telenovelas are aired late night - this is just a proof that this is not good for children and with a reminder of parental guidance required.  It is the parents' discretion whether to let their children watch because they are supposed to be asleep from nine in the evening onward. Taking the positive side aforementioned above, I might still consider a vote to keep them rolling on my tv screen having the positive impact on the way we perceive the wives being always the pathetic victims and not being prejudice to them.

(Google defines paranoia : suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification).  

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