Be Blooming with Jewelries

I have my favorite ‘skirt and blouse’ worn on several important occasions –  I wonder why on the last event I had that pair on me, friends could not help complimenting that I look blooming, I even heard a ‘wow’. I kept thinking what made the difference the fact that I am also wearing the same dress and shoes.

Idiom Decoded:'Break-even'

Wanted: Reliable Internet Signal Booster

I have more to share but my internet connection limits me.  I am in a remote area where the broadband/internet connection is very weak and no DSL offers yet around because only a few household have a PC in the area.  Even wifi connection is not possible. Fortunately, mobile phone signals are just a bit fine(say I place it on the window where three signal bars appear), - when I get the phone from where the signal is, the call will be hanged-up or my message wont be sent, the signal disappears.  As my plug-it broadband shows, I only got 2G signal in my place.

Pork Nilaga Tips

The very first time I cook Nilaga (Boiled) Pork Ribs,  I had  all the ingredients peeled and prepared. I follow the ‘what is hard to soften comes in the pot earlier and the hardest, last’. Like when I put the leafy vegetables, it is just a few minutes before removing it from the stove. 

For me and maybe for the others plantain bananas or ‘saba’ in Tagalog had been very  complicated to cook because if you overcooked it, it becomes too soft or if undercooked the outer layer is done while the innermost tastes uncooked (although it can be eaten raw, it is tastier to eat it cooked in Nilaga recipe). 

Speak Filipino: Reading Vowels

Here is a guideline on reading the 'vowels' in Filipino language. Vowel 'u' is added at the bottom of the post.


Customs Modernization and Tariff Act on Balikbayans

It is really about time that the ceiling amount for taxing Balikbayan Boxes of our Overseas Filipino Woker (OFWs) be amended.  The prevailing Law was made years ago, not updated in terms of current peso valuation. 

Reminders on 'Lay-Away' Selling

Not familiar with Lay-away? Read Lay-away Basics

I. On Provisional Receipt (PR)

The seller can issue a Provisional Receipt for L-A items with the ff:

- Provisional Receipt with letterhead of your store/company
 Do not buy generic PR’s just anywhere, spend for the printing (it will be your protection from fake receipts).

How to Use the SNIPPING TOOL

The invention of the SNIPPING TOOL has made the work of writers like me hassle-free. Most of the images I used for my blog I have done with the use of Adobe Photoshop, it took me a while to learn it by watching two minute-length  tutorials and the rest I discovered through hands-on ‘try and error’ thing. The SNIPPING TOOL is not as complicated as the layered photoshop that until now I can say, I am just an average learner.  I still cannot edit facial features in a photo and do not know yet how to change photo background.  For budding bloggers like me, the SNIPPING tool will help us a lot for our blog image needs.  But I suggest you learn the diverse Adobe Photoshop application too later on.  For temporary use, here is how to use the very helpful SNIPPING TOOL that you can learn in just a matter of minutes –in just one sitting.

MUST-know Selling Method

Have you been wondering how to keep your store abreast with the evolving economic situation of your consumers while still peaking on sales?  Earning for an income is a bit difficult as well as saving for the future. People may want to buy goods from you BUT if your products do not fall in the bracket of ‘prime necessities’ – consumers tend to put their buying desire at the back of their budget, maybe waiting for a chance to have an extra to get for example newer mobile phones, laptops, jewelries etc.

Smart Watch Product Review

Hello my dear friends. My family’s place is in a poor signal area in terms of network connection. We can hardly connect with a 3G signal – sometimes we can snatch a single bar, in a ‘particular location’ – for us, it’s the window facing the kitchen sink.  For that, we had to take calls in the ‘speaker mode’ because the moment we lift the handset, it runs-out of signal.  Whew! Communication has not been better since we discovered the Smart Watch.

My husband is quite curious about this smart watch that is sold in about US $20. His comrades had been using one for almost a month and it surprises him to know that the product really works. (NOT a SPONSORED POST)

The Philippine Arena

Why is there a need for the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) to spend for structures like Philippine Arena and Phil. Sports Stadium and Phil. Sports Complex?

At a glance, one will not really see the importance of those structures to the service of God not being a chapel. If deeply analyzed, aside from the most common reason others might speculate – to have a place to call our own during big events and gatherings– no more complains of traffic from non-members when we do our religious assembly in public places; the MOST IMPORTANT REASON is we glorify our Lord God when we are united. Church activities keep us united in faith.

Only in a private venue far from main thoroughfares in Metro Manila, we can have our church activities without government intervention (traffic) and public scrutiny (due to traffic we inevitably and unintentionally cause).  Important programs or celebrations especially during occasions most especially worship services that needs huge accommodation can be done in the Philippine Arena (known to be the largest indoor arena on earth). Actually, it is still not enough to house worldwide members. 

(MORE Youtube Links PROVIDED at the bottom  of the post)

An Inspirational Quote

Life in this world is full of surprises no matter how much effort you give and whatever you do to make things better, things just do not turn-out the way we wanted or as planned .We cannot really adjust the direction of the wind, sometimes better known as our destiny or fate but we can always adjust our “sail” that symbolizes our actions to reach a certain ‘destination’ , our GOALS. And because of that man has learned to improvise – creativity also applies in life. One must learn to create something from the available resources.

Okay, you were not accepted in the Company you have dreamed of working with –hey, it is not the end of the world for you. We sometimes need to reflect or look back from where it all began not to waste our time being sad about our loss or failure but to seek what caused us to fail. And there comes adjustment. We must employ conservative thinking in a way that we must have a contingency plan; that means when “Plan A” did not work I still have “Plan B” or even “Plan C”... depending on how determined you are to reach your target.

INC TV Programs

Want to know more about INC (Iglesia ni Cristo) TV Programs? Whatever interests you is here. Here is a list of my favorite:


Impress Your Boss: Reminder on Work Ethics

Being God-fearing, believing that everything we do is not hidden from our Creator – we must be guided by the principles of being HONEST at all times. Honest to other people, to our work and to ourselves and by doing that we glorify God. 

We must not steal when we are doing our job. How can someone steal if he does not bring anything out from the office or work place?  Not only material things are prone to theft – but more importantly TIME.  Workers are paid for ‘hours’ of working, there is a window time for lunch and other non-work-related activities. We must learn to be conscientious having shortcomings in doing our job; even if we are not expecting – we will reap the rewards of being one.

Checklist to find-out if you are not stealing TIME from your employer:

Speak Filipino: Degrees of Adjective

Changing adjectives' intensity (degree) in the Filipino language is somewhat different from the rules in the English Language.  In English, the Comparative Degree of adjective is done just by adding the prefix '-er' to the root word  or just putting the  expression 'more' before it - the previous one is just the option. Using the expression 'mas' (same as 'more' in the English language) to express comparative degree or comparison of two persons or things. 

A MUST for Women of All Ages

Since puberty comes as early as ten years old for girls, having what they call whitish discharge (a.k.a. white mens as popularly known) is inevitable.  Girls and most probably every women need to stay fresh and clean all the time; not just at home when she can easily wash and change underwear, if out for school or for work sometimes that would be impossible. Now comes the modern solution – the invention of panty-liners. (This is not a sponsored post).

Spice Hack : Star Anise

I am not so familiar with this spice until I get to try cooking with it. On  a research from the web, I have found that this spice  gives that ‘hamonado’ taste to dishes.

Fruit Salad Hacks

Missed the salad from the holidays? There is no harm in concocting another with these few tips to make it more delicious.

Idiom Decoded: 'compare notes'

Idiomatic Expressions (talinhaga in Filipino language) – are phrases or words that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL (word per word) meaning.

One of those idioms is:

Speak Filipino: Sentence Construction

Here is how sentences are being constructed in Filipino language:

Speak Filipino: How to Write Nouns in Plural Form

I have made this lesson on a jpeg (picture format) for your guide file.

If this lesson has helped you, give it a plus and come back to read more of it...

Speak Filipino: 'Paki-'

Here is a help on how you can command in a polite manner -the 'kindly' or 'please' translated in Filipino.

I have made this file on a picture format (jpeg) you can download and have it printed for your guide.

If you think this post has helped you in some way, don't forget to give it a plus and please re-share it. Thanks and have a great day!

Idiom Decoded: 'below the belt'

This phrase is an Idiom (a phrase or word that does NOT imply or talk about LITERAL meaning) that means ‘not fair or unjust’. Meaning, an act or move that aggrieves, hurt or pained and even saddened another person. ‘Below’ represents ‘under’. ‘the belt’ here resembles  ‘boundary or limits’ that have been ignored or forgotten. We are talking more about connotations of each word not its LITERAL meaning or sense. 

Updates on Philippine Currencies

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