The Philippine Arena

Why is there a need for the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo) to spend for structures like Philippine Arena and Phil. Sports Stadium and Phil. Sports Complex?

At a glance, one will not really see the importance of those structures to the service of God not being a chapel. If deeply analyzed, aside from the most common reason others might speculate – to have a place to call our own during big events and gatherings– no more complains of traffic from non-members when we do our religious assembly in public places; the MOST IMPORTANT REASON is we glorify our Lord God when we are united. Church activities keep us united in faith.

Only in a private venue far from main thoroughfares in Metro Manila, we can have our church activities without government intervention (traffic) and public scrutiny (due to traffic we inevitably and unintentionally cause).  Important programs or celebrations especially during occasions most especially worship services that needs huge accommodation can be done in the Philippine Arena (known to be the largest indoor arena on earth). Actually, it is still not enough to house worldwide members. 

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INC Centennial Celebration
Imagine angry people bashing if we have done the celebration in the Metro Manila – that reactions are all-over news reports in all forms of media whenever we have our BIG Events, I knew it for myself.  The Church does not aim to create foes but to please everyone in matters like this.

We in return are saved from the trouble of securing necessary permits and on meeting authorities to coordinate with traffic regulators and the like.

Click this link to see :  INC Centennial Fireworks Display

Unity Games
We can set date for our events because we own the place and we do not worry of competition for the use of the facilities – and we do not have to shorten the events to save on cost. The sports arena serves as the training ground for brethrens who wanted to hone their sporting skills. The swimming pool and all the facilities inside are made within the Olympic standards.

The church aims to develop camaraderie among its members without the ‘air of formality’ (as when we are inside the houses of worship)  through playful activities like what we call Unity Games – the said event was participated-in by brethren players from all over the world. We have invited publicly known referees and coaches (even non member) to supervise the games. And they are all surprised to have noticed that the members are very much disciplined – nobody cries for cheating, once reprimanded – easily gives-in without arguments and losing is as happy as winning because as the members said they will always be a winner to have participated and unite with the church administration. The Games are NOT conceived for the purpose of glorifying whose talents are exceptional BUT to glorify our Lord God how we love each other as members of the church and we are happy for our sibling’s achievement and success and to meet each other as well. That is why the Big sporting event is called UNITY games– TO UNITE us regardless from what race or culture we are and NOT TO DIVIDE  us just because of earthly motives to promote a team or a single person.  And only in venues like the Philippine Arena that it can be made possible without worries of disturbing non-members.

Click this link to see : Sport Events

Special Mission and Worship Services
We have this Worship Services done for some important cause (it is apart from the regular Thursdays and Sundays schedule weekly without  ‘offerings’  - that is why it is called Special, that is its difference from regular  WS).

Click to see : Grand Evangelical Mission

New Era University (NEU) Graduation  and other Big Events
The school needs larger and more comfortable venue (being air conditioned and with a seating capacity of 50,000 people).

Awarding for INCinema
The Church has also encourage brethrens to enhance skills on script-writing, film directing, acting etc.  – that is to show our faith in this form of art. We all know that people are more interested to watch films than read magazines. The worldwide awarding of participants for INCinema is done in the hilippine Arena.  It is also our way of reminding fellow brethrens of their duties and responsibilities as Christians as shown in every film made. I can clearly see how the  Church Administration values the skills and talents of brethrens who gave time and effort participating.

2016 New Year Countdown
Every locality might have their countdown in the biggest venue on their jurisdiction like for example only in the City of Manila – they might have done theirs on Luneta, the Church members would not be able to get venues for such simultaneous (non-sectarian/civic) celebrations. We could not have fireworks display in our Central Temple, chapels are exclusively built for worship services – that is why you will not find vendors, we do not held celebrations and other non-worship activities (except for some ‘meetings’ related to our holy duties) inside the chapel and its compound, we respect God’s place as it is written in the holy bible by keeping it safe, clean and holy.

Click this link to see : New Year Countdown

We love to share happy moments with fellow members and  see the magnificence of the fireworks and program prepared by the Church Administration to entertain members and non-members alike who would like to join in the celebration and we can freely do that because of having the Philippine Arena.

If the Church is willing to spend to aid the Government in providing assistance  and shelter to victims of calamities members or not etc. – it will not be stiff on anything that can make every church activities safer (free from angry mob because of traffic etc.), more convenient to members.

Interesting Facts Related to the Construction of the  ‘Philippine Arena’:

- While having the Philippine Arena constructed from Aug.17, 2011 to July 2015, 411 chapels all over the world are simultaneously constructed.  That is just a proof  that CHAPEL CONSTRUCTION has not been moved as the foremost priority of the church administration.

-Two years and nine months to finish construction .

-  Quake Proof

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