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Hello my dear friends. My family’s place is in a poor signal area in terms of network connection. We can hardly connect with a 3G signal – sometimes we can snatch a single bar, in a ‘particular location’ – for us, it’s the window facing the kitchen sink.  For that, we had to take calls in the ‘speaker mode’ because the moment we lift the handset, it runs-out of signal.  Whew! Communication has not been better since we discovered the Smart Watch.

My husband is quite curious about this smart watch that is sold in about US $20. His comrades had been using one for almost a month and it surprises him to know that the product really works. (NOT a SPONSORED POST)

Place your mobile phone in an area where it has a signal – after installing quite a few applications and connecting your phone to the watch via bluetooth, voila you can:

- pick-up and dial calls as well. No need to lift your mobile phone, do everything thru your smart watch even you are in the room and the phone is in the Kitchen where it has a signal. It rings when your phone rings. This watch solves the problem of poor signal reception.

Taking calls for us has never been this comfortable and the reception is REALLY FINE – the voice from the speaker is clear like you are really using your mobile handset.

- receive messages
You can read messages from your watch without taking-out your phone inside your bag. Safe for phone snatchers and the risk of dropping your phone while in a hurry.

Another function for this is – when you have to be reminded of something really important while in a close-door meeting, for example ‘a cue’ for one of the difficult part of your presentation – you can ask a friend, secretary or personal assistant to text you at the most likely time you would want and need it, without touching your mobile phone as if you are just glancing to check the time.  Not so obvious at all.

This is also recommended for businessmen/women; because while on a conference – it is better to check your watch (in a discreet manner) for important messages than touching your phone that will certainly annoy speakers but be sure you will not look like wanting to finish his speech by making it appear your checking time.


There is still more:

It helps you achieve your goal for your cardio-exercise – counts your steps while walking.
For games etc.

To find-out wind direction when flying kite etc.

To keep you posted of your body temperature

For mountain climbers, it is but quite a good companion.

To use for dialing calls, appears once your phone is synched

- music player
-  Has the full function of a Watch (of course):
 1.  alarm – to wake you up vibrating on your wrist.
2.   time display as a watch itself
3.   current date display on standby mode for constant reminder and easy checking.

Only, it can not be used for farther location difference between your phone and the watch because it relies on BLUETOOTH technology.

Most of all, it is rechargeable. Is it not amazing?!!! You got to try this, guys. You would certainly like it too, it is more than worth your PhP 750.00, I promise you. 
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