Parenting the Only Child

Practical parents knew the importance of family planning especially those who are living in the middle class and below economic status. Although budgeting is a lot easier than having two or more children to account for, parenting in the real sense of the word may be really complicated having an only child.  There are things to put in consideration in raising the ‘only child’:

Boosting Emotional Strength

Inevitably, being the only child – he becomes the center of everybody’s attention. The scenario would be - there is always someone to look after him, do something for him, bring him presents and gifts and he is even showered with so much attention that in some way or another teaches him to be emotionally dependent.

Adversities even small become too much to bear being confronted alone. Emotional strength comes from ability to control one’s emotion, create logical decisions and choices – parents would not go wrong to regulate some circumstances to avoid such weakness surface in your child’s upbringing.

Mosquito Net Organizing Tip

If you are still using the conventional mosquito net (the ones with four corners that you have to suspend), we used to fold it like clothes where it really does not look great and it even falls out of place. 

Now, here is a trick to keep your bed neatly organized while you have it around. 

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