Mosquito Net Organizing Tip

If you are still using the conventional mosquito net (the ones with four corners that you have to suspend), we used to fold it like clothes where it really does not look great and it even falls out of place. 

Now, here is a trick to keep your bed neatly organized while you have it around. 

We will still need to fold it to keep it in shape, but the trick is we will be using  a throw pillow case to organize and keep it neatly kept.

Buy the prettiest design you can see the can accentuate your beddings, like for example you can choose pillow case with big floral design to break the monotony of your striped bed sheet set. Or choose color that is lighter or darker shades of your sheet.

Tell your friends about this hack if you find it helpful. For more tips see the Tips'Page of this blog, check it out on the right side bar of this blog as well as to see other post categories. Have a great ahead.
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