President Duterte, Can You Keep the Lights on for the Filipino People?

I want to make an appeal to the incoming President Duterte to help IMPROVE electricity and reduce incidents of brown-out in the country especially here in the province of Quezon.  I really hope that the government can SUBSIDIZE Quezon Electric Cooperative (QueZelCo) if HE is SERIOUS to help the ordinary citizens. I cannot completely blame the cooperative for POOR service – it may be attributed to lack of funding. 

If you are living here especially in Lopez, Quezon – the people are SUFFERING because of frequent brown-outs (ranging from 8am – 5pm) as they say  most of the times as ‘maintenance schedule ‘ BUT it does not happen once a month sometimes twice a week PLUS hours of interruption like  from around 2am till 10am on that same week. Another eight more hours of interruption the next day, whew!

Imagine how hot the weather is and the school children wearing uniforms in dimmed classrooms and OFF electric fans?! You might pity yourself and the kids on that situation.  Consumers have nothing to complain about BECAUSE there is no choice – where to get electricity supply apart from the Coop?  I hope President Duterte or the Department of Energy (DOE) thru his COMMAND can PROVIDE funding –if not subsidy, a LOAN in a flexible terms to aid the cooperative.  It could be used to improve QueZelCo’s facilities and the transmission of energy to the end-users, us, the public.

I sometimes thought of requesting them to distribute power-interruption hours to the early hours at dawn (three hours from 1am to 3am might NOT hurt)– not so hot weather and can not largely affect the consumers, while sleeping. And sometimes an interruption that is like a blink of an eye happens too– power is off for just about three seconds and back again before you can turn off the lights, refrigerator, PC, TV if you’re watching  – great chances of damaging machines and home appliances and may become a cause of FIRE due to instant surge of electric current., correct me if I am wrong…

Thoughts About the Retraction of Death Penalty

After the successful May 2016 National and Local Elections, again the country, Philippines is now beneath a cloud of disagreement over the Retraction of Death Penalty on Maximum Security Prisons – perpetrators of heinous crimes

We are aware of President Duterte’s take on this matter – in which he is very much eager to revoke the temporary lifting of the punishment BUT the Commission on Human Rights and other groups are opposed to it.  Again, I am not writing this to support any sides.  I am here to give you what I think pushes each side to stand on their ground.

Positive Side/In Favor
Pro-Death Penalty

- it may discourage or at least warn the criminals of committing heinous crimes that might subject them to the penalty.

- Drug Lords who are said to be ‘alive and kicking’ and as they say and STILL masterminding drug activities outside the prison thru their continuous leadership and connections can be lined-up for immediate execution.  I can see that this has weight – drug pushers as well as users have been an ordinary scenario in the country in the past years.

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