Passing the Philippine Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam: Part I

I took up the Civil Service Sub-Pro Exam years ago having an average rating of 89.83% perhaps I can be of help for those who have plans to take the exam.

For my foreign readers, Pinoys (Filipinos) are only given the chance to work in government offices having the Civil Service Eligibility/License.

The Exam does not have  a test paper to fill out, computerized answering. On the morning of the Exam date held at NCR CS office I can hear talks about worries on passing the exam because I accidentally heard that that is her third time taking the exam - the last take everyone is entitled.  Others are second takers, me and my brother Angelito are among the first timers.  Yes, the exam is quite difficult.

The exam questions (in English) are something like these, these are just examples:

How to Spin Dry Underwear and Sensitive Garments Safely

Putting the sensitive garments (laced, garterized, thin fine clothing) inside a pillowcase helps a lot and prevented loosening garters and destroying laces.  


1. Choose a pillowcase that is as big or a little bigger than your spin dryer.

Trim and Shape Your Waist in Minutes Effortlessly for Men and Women

I have downloaded and bought an aerobics DVD to follow and help me burn excess fats - many said it is effective considering it is included in your daily routine. I could not comply, sometimes I forget. Sometimes, I really do not have spare time at all.

The Best Way to Cook Canned Meatloaf

Worried about too much oil in your everyday meals?  Moments like you ran out of stock in the fridge and the canned foods in the cabinet are your only option.

First, let us open the can.  Top and bottom to make sure you can push the loaf perfectly in shape after passing the knife around it.  Even you got EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or Canola - both healthy oils, just save them for other meals. 

Japan Surplus Shops : The Trending Shoppers' Destination in the Philippines

"Ukay" is the Tagalog/Filipino word for secondhand/pre-owned items.  The purchasing power of Philippine peso has declined compared to decades ago, my fellow-countrymen has always been resourceful on stretching the household's budget.  And to this, Japan Surplus Shops came to the scene. The shops are widespread in Metro Manila before but now have conquered even the small towns in the provinces.

The shops do not only offer some pre-owned clothing or bags but also furniture like cabinets (anti-termite-treated), golf clubs, shoes, dinnerware (Noritake, Arcopal, Pyrex are some good finds), electronic equipment - amplifiers, dvd players as well as speakers.  There are both in the extremes, from the finest to the simplest. 

The quality? Spill-out your meticulous side and you can get items that looks like never been used before. In fact, the tags are still hanging.

Ice Bucket with Stainless Steel Handle

The items are stand-out for their uniqueness yet reasonably priced. People from all walks of life have been their good patrons.  

I also found these bags there:

Reaction Paper : Mamasapano, Maguindanao Massacre (Fallen 44)

Until now I still have this ill feeling about the recent news headlines on the killing of forty-four men from SAF (Special Action Force) police unit. Seeing the pictures posted on Philippine's ABS-CBN, almost all of them are young at age.  Hearing and meeting the bereaved families' sentiments has unmatched effect on me.  Their children are still young too, the other families who hailed from Samar have just started to move on from the tragic storm surge caused by Typhoon Yolanda.  They could not be blame thinking they are cursed...

Robert (alias), a survivor of the clash as interviewed by a reporter, told the reporters that one of his injured friend-comrade begged him not to leave him there. But he failed to give in to that request.  Robert said, he had to escape for his own life and so that he can bring their message to their families.

Two Sets of Most Commonly Interchanged English Words Decoded

Hello everyone, some of  us knew the difference between words with almost the same spelling but has "c" and "s" as their distinction - that when checked are both spelled correctly though each has a different function. And for those who still get confused with it, I hope this would help.

The two functions I was referring above is as a noun (refers to name of persons, place, things and events) and as a verb (words denoting action).  Take note of this simple reminders:

How to Thicken Sauce Without a Slurry

Just saute two tablespoon flour IN OIL with your ingredients -stirring it with a fork constantly till it dissolves is an easier way to thicken sauces. No need for making a slurry (flour and water mixture).  Sauteed in enough oil it will bring thickness to your sauce.  Then add water or mixture of sauce you have concocted.

I have tried this for my sweet and sour recipe, adobo and chop suey.  Try it too, friends.

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The Best Tasting Fish Sauce I Have Ever Tried - Lorins Patis

In home cooking I am using not just salt to perk-up the taste of the viands I cook but also patis or fish sauce.  

Out of curiosity I have tried different brands of fish sauce and discovered these things:

Yotaphone 2: The World's First Ever Dual Screen Mobile Phone

Hi everyone, I have been fascinated of this latest innovation on mobile technology. Imagine, there is now a dual-screen mobile phone - Yotaphone 2.

The front screen is a regular LCD while the back is an e-ink screen. The front screen can be extended at the back with the press of a button.  

When you ran out of battery in your front screen nothing to worry  about just move the interface at the back presto! You are on again, why? The back screen is powered by e-ink like the smart readers.

On another video I have watched, the phone also possess the solution to the most common problem of an lcd-screen - the vagueness of the screen while on excessive sunlight.  The E-ink provides clear view of the screen.

On the other hand, display on the e-ink powered screen is just gray - not colored.  Expectedly, they might soon develop software available for use on e-ink with regards to multimedia aspect.

Yotaphone is a Russian Company.  Here is a link from you tube about the phone.

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Becoming a Better Friend

You may not be the BEST friend around at least you can be the better one. Here are some tips on how to build long-lasting friendship, tried and tested.
Me and my friends from London and Cabanatuan
      Be Honest

Being honest has always been a good virtue. How can you trust a person who always lie? Even in just little things – a glib liar? I experienced that, telling you like this or like that only to find out in some other way or thru other people that it is not true.  Big things start from small.


Always have time to listen to your friend whether the story is happy or sad. 

Murder or Homicide, Confusion Buster

After  seeing various crime news on tv, I am wondering why a case was called homicide and another was murder. At first, I thought that the degree of brutality affects the naming; that was just my own perception .  But I have encountered few that however the crime is so brutal - it was just classified as homicide and not a murder case. Whew! My notions should then be corrected and I must not be ignorant of the laws in my country.

The difference between murder or homicide cases (speaking of my homeland, Philippines) really baffled me to the extent that my curiosity brought me to the shelves of Araullo University-Cabanatuan  City, my former alma mater's library.

Wondering How Can Christ be Your TRUE Savior ?

Being a Roman Catholic before, I was taught that our Lord Jesus Christ is our savior. Yes, it is my faith until now. But I did not know how can our dear Lord save me, in what way can He do that and a lot more questions on my mind, not until a true messenger from God explained it to me.

"Whisker the Cat" - A Glance on Our Pet

 My family has this unique cat who has two-colored eye, one green-gray and the other is blue.  I wonder how could that be but he's the living proof...his name is Whisker.  I nearly named him Snow for he is as white.  

Is the Savior Jesus Christ our God? Fact or Fallacy

When I was young I used to pray to Jesus Christ, I call and praise his name and thought him to be the same with the "father" and the holy spirit as my aunts told me.  It was only when I entered Iglesia ni Cristo that I have a clear recognition of who is our Lord Jesus Christ and who is our almighty God.

Security Reminders and Tips for Parents Part I : At Home

As the world gets high-tech, crimes move-up alongside.  I was deeply bothered by the news on television and on broadsheets.  There is no safe place at all.  Home or outside, even inside your car.  Sometimes the villains are just watching around, finding the opportunity where your children are left alone and might saw you walked-by going somewhere. I have here some helpful reminders and techniques for safety at home while you are away:

Welcome the Self-defense and Security Gadgets

A teacher was raped and killed by a tricycle driver...student raped and left without any clothing inside the campus, mother and daughter died after being raped by a burglar, a college student abducted and gang-raped in a van, old woman raped and killed, young boy abducted and sex-slave by a homosexual whew! What else have I forgotten?! Baby, toddler, teener, mother, grandmother anybody can be a victim even boys watch out!  That is the topic of the daily newspaper here in the Philippines, never had any idea abroad. But opportunity knocks once - for the predators.

Grieving for Death or for Debt? Notes about Insurance Plans

We sometimes get offended when somebody talks to us about life insurance. Are they nuts, are they implying we will  going to die so soon?! But looking at the wider perspective, Life Insurance are more of security for the living family not just for the departed.

Yes, of course there is the free casket and the burial expenses paid as well as some cash.  But looking at it deeply, how is it going to be if someone died all of a sudden, the victim's family is not stable enough to cover the expenses for everything.  Sure, a loved one will not allow the beloved family member just to be rolled in a mat and burried just in the backyard.  Even the piece of memorial "lot"  or a space in a piled-up"cemetery apartment" is not free nowadays.

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