Is the Savior Jesus Christ our God? Fact or Fallacy

When I was young I used to pray to Jesus Christ, I call and praise his name and thought him to be the same with the "father" and the holy spirit as my aunts told me.  It was only when I entered Iglesia ni Cristo that I have a clear recognition of who is our Lord Jesus Christ and who is our almighty God.

Others made a mistake that we, INCs are belittling our dear Lord Jesus Christ when we are saying that he is "man" in nature and not God.  But Jesus Christ is our lord, mediator, savior and highest among all God's creation.  In fact, all prayers we made, are ended with  "we asked all these in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, amen." -  not exactly the same words said every now and then but implying that same fact.

They wanted to discuss about a verse stating that "Christ is God" on its passage, but words should not always be understand the literal way.  And not all nouns are used as noun alone.  Like "time is gold", does it factually and literally imply that time is a metal in the form of gold? Some nouns are used as adjective depending on its grammatical use in a sentence.  And the adjacent verses and all the verses in the bible must not contradict each other for us to surely believe what it really implies.

There is a verse where Christ told the apostles that he is him, to touch him and feel that he has bones and flesh this is contradicting to being God also the fact that he DIED says that he is man in nature...he also felt hunger after a pass over.  There is also an instance where he said that he was tried to be killed, that him a MAN, that narrates the truth he heard from God.  There is no question that the "one who listened" is different from the one "who had spoken".  And another verse in the bible telling that God, is spirit, no bones and flesh therefore, Christ being man in nature is not God nor God-son BUT the son of God.

Bible also stated that God has no beginning, no creator and no end.  Christ is conceptualized and planned and created by "God" to save man. He is conceived in the womb of a blessed woman, Mary and was born - a real man in nature.  But we INC members respect our Lord Jesus Christ although we upheld the belief that he is not God but the FATHER is. To reiterate, Jesus Christ is our Lord, savior, mediator and the head of the church.

To know the exact verses, because I am not a minister visit the nearest Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) congregation/chapel you. Everybody is welcome, free to ask questions and be answered right away, no personal opinions/beliefs of the minister, all answers being read from the bible. Bring your own Holy Bible for your own reference of the verses read to you.

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