Security Reminders and Tips for Parents Part I : At Home

As the world gets high-tech, crimes move-up alongside.  I was deeply bothered by the news on television and on broadsheets.  There is no safe place at all.  Home or outside, even inside your car.  Sometimes the villains are just watching around, finding the opportunity where your children are left alone and might saw you walked-by going somewhere. I have here some helpful reminders and techniques for safety at home while you are away:

At home

When you are left without a choice to leave your children alone at home especially ages like mine (nine and six) but I am not going so far away and too long time that is for sure; I am bringing them with me all the time in that case.

-Like the everybody knows, admonish them not to let strangers even just anybody in.  There may be a chance the children will forget to lock the door if a trusted-friend comes and they opened the door. How can you be so sure that they will stick to your rule?

Put a masking tape connecting the door and its frame around 5-6 inches long, front and backdoor. Place it on a higher position so as not to be noticed by others or children passing by. Before you go out, you must tell them about it, that in any case it was torn or moved that means they had opened the door and they will be punished.

The children must not tell the knocker where you are.  Some white lies, that you are "just in a nearby store" might help.  

The children ONLY gets out  in case of  FIRE and do not come back for anything, we can buy everything but life. You need to tell this.

-Leave your children with a fully-charged cellphone with SURE call or text load to tell you if ever somebody comes or update you what is going on in your house. Of course, they must know how to use the phone in case, this is what I am really doing. And I am the one calling them from time to time.

- Check the gas stove tank if close or the electric stove if unplugged.  The backdoor if locked.  Make sure that not only the knob is locked but all the other locking mechanisms.  The knob is sometimes easier to unlock if there is a villain.

- Never allow the children to use INTERNET without you around.  They might be tempted to explore things that are not for their age. And soon be curious about trying  this and that and might cause them danger.  An example is a teener who had met someone in a social networking site and agreed to an "eyeball", the teener is nowhere to be found. After days of searching, she was found naked and dead raped by her textmate and "social" pal.

-Better to leave them watching a wholesome movie- a cartoon, fairytale or any movie you have seen first and guaranteed no scene not suitable for them.  It will keep them put or glued to their seats for say almost an hour.  No hard playing, arguing and fighting that sometimes brought about by toys etc.  One time I went to the market and left my children watching movie, I arrived and found them still on their seats, the movie is still playing.  Nice idea.

- Remind the children of what to do in case of "brown/black-out",the flashlight beside them.  The appliances needed to be offed and unplug if necessary. But, you have to teach them (the older one preferably) first on where to hold the plug and the effect if not properly handled.

- Security includes, enough food or snacks to eat.  If the children ran out of food they might be tempted to go out.

- About visitors with something to leave behind ask them to call you for any advice, no need to open the door for the gift etc. from the stranger or somebody they know.  Remember, we are not over-reacting, yes sometimes we knew the visitor, but we are not cautious about them but for the unknown "might-be-attacker" in case your children forgets to lock the door after the friend's visit.  So better apply the rule to all "DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR".

Wait for my next blog on Part II.  I will also re-post this article on my xomba account.

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