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A teacher was raped and killed by a tricycle driver...student raped and left without any clothing inside the campus, mother and daughter died after being raped by a burglar, a college student abducted and gang-raped in a van, old woman raped and killed, young boy abducted and sex-slave by a homosexual whew! What else have I forgotten?! Baby, toddler, teener, mother, grandmother anybody can be a victim even boys watch out!  That is the topic of the daily newspaper here in the Philippines, never had any idea abroad. But opportunity knocks once - for the predators.

It takes a month or more to study a self-defense technique such as the Japanese's Karate, the Chinese's Wu-shu or the Koreans' Taek-won-do.  And for that scary fact, we needed some short-cuts and handy tools for safety.

Lipstick Stun Gun  PhP 350.00 (courtesy of OLX.ph )

Lipstisk Style Pepper Spray $ 2.78

You can not afford to have a bodyguard unless you are a celebrity or wealthy enough.

We parents, are not always around to look after our children. Although we tried so hard to give much time to see our children's activities every now and then but that is not for "all the time" and we may compromise our children's social and emotional growth by doing that.

Curfew is set but still children or even we, are sometimes careless.  And we normally do not think of any situation could be leading to a unexpected crime that is why there became victims that were left lifeless.

Let us not never be caught off-guard.  Educate our family and welcome the idea of self-defense gadgets.  I saw a ballpen knife, a tear-gas perfume bottle that helps distract the attacker, taser gun that causes temporary paralysis- they are available even cheaper online from reputable sellers etc. A CCTV camera may help but it is just more for viewing purposes and limited to a particular place; on actual "attacks" of villains it is not that useful.
What is some penny for security gadgets compared to your "peace of mind" while your loved ones are not yet home.  There are still situations that even the victim has the defense-gadgets but still worthless at least we added the rate/chances of SURVIVAL having them. Then again, everything will not be successful without asking "His" help, prayers and faith move mountains.

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