Grieving for Death or for Debt? Notes about Insurance Plans

We sometimes get offended when somebody talks to us about life insurance. Are they nuts, are they implying we will  going to die so soon?! But looking at the wider perspective, Life Insurance are more of security for the living family not just for the departed.

Yes, of course there is the free casket and the burial expenses paid as well as some cash.  But looking at it deeply, how is it going to be if someone died all of a sudden, the victim's family is not stable enough to cover the expenses for everything.  Sure, a loved one will not allow the beloved family member just to be rolled in a mat and burried just in the backyard.  Even the piece of memorial "lot"  or a space in a piled-up"cemetery apartment" is not free nowadays.

Most of insurance companies I have known has the "policy" in cases that the policy holder died at the time it is not yet fully paid on its term as long as it is updated on its monthly amortization; the holder's family is entitled to all the benefits offerred to the fully-paid plan.

There is a growing local insurance company here in the Philippines that also allows transferrability of the use of policy to family members not just the policy holder alone.  A friend's sister died and the sibling's policy was used for everything including the casket and burial expenses. This surely brought comfort to the bereaved family. Minus the stress on bills. Just grieving on the death not on debt! The bereaved loved ones of the deceased is not anymore troubled with the expenses. 

And we love our children or parents or everyone important to us that is why we do not want them to suffer more for our early or unexpected demise. I hope this simple article had opened-up your doors to the insurance brokers.  This day, to live is costly and to die is more pricey.

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