Get in Control of Your Child's Buying Tantrums

Budget-conscious moms are aware that bringing along a child (especially toddlers) in a grocery or department stores, they face the dilemma of  having to buy items mostly expensive toys or even costly chocolates that are not on the allocated budget for the week or month before the next payday.

Surefire ways to combat your toddler's "buying tantrums":

My Riana Ysobel in a Mall

1. Talk to your child.

Before you go out for a grocery, tell your child something like "Mom only have this money now to buy you  milk and grocery for the week... but

2. Divert his want.

"I can treat you for an ice cream, if that is okay with you?". or something that he likes that is still on your budget".

3. Buy him a coin bank

Teach him how to save by giving him some loose change/coins from time to time.  And if he sees an expensive toy like bicycle etc., okay let us save for that. When you have an extra budget buy what he wants but make sure the coin bank is heavy enough to say that he had saved for it that is why you were able to buy it.  My two daughters (when they are younger) would tell me if they see expensive toys, "Mom, I like this when we have extra money we will buy it" or "Mom, I will save for this.." smiling while telling me. Until now that is what they are telling me and am surprising them at times and gave what they wanted as a gift or reward.

3. Play Pen Day Care (last resort)

Leave your child in a "play pen" with a half an hour charge.  There are a lot of them in the mall. There is a Legoland, Little Play House. Choose the one he likes most. For children six years old and above only.

Playpen Reminders:

a. Leave your contact number with your name or better get the assistant's number for you to check on your child from time to time.

b. Ask if somebody will accompany your child in case there is no "restroom" inside the pen's premises.

c. Do not leave your child in a one-manned playpen. Nobody will come with him in the CR or call for help and leave the rest of the other children unguarded in cases of emergency.

d. Be sure that the pen is not over crowded so your child will be given more attention. Do not choose an overcrowded pen. Chances of bumps and body contact is high - the child might get hurt.

e. Make sure your child has have his lunch or snacks before he gets in and you will leave a bottled water to the attendant.

f. Nobody will pick-up the child except you, and you are just a text or call away.

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