How to Remove Candle "Meltings" on Clothes

Yes, you do not need to throw clothes or table cloth in case candle "droppings" stick on it.  Others tried to scrape it off, I did that the first time I had this same problem.  But, you have got to try this and it surely works.

      You will need:

         Brown bread paper bag (clean)
         Flat Iron and its board

1. Cut the paper bag into two parts.
2. Prepare the ironing board and heat the flat iron.  Set the iron in moderate temperature for
    regular thin paper bag, adjust the temperature for thicker brown paper.
3. Put half of the brown paper bag under the area of the pants or shirt
    where the "droppings" are and the other half on top of the said pants or shirt.
4. Pass the hot iron on top.
5. When you remove the papers, everything is erased no stains of candle wax,
     as if nothing happened.

Unlike when you only scrape it, there will be an oil-like stain remains.  The paper we put under the clothing served as the "catcher". The heated candle wax melts when iron passed then the melted candle pass through the clothes fiber into the "catcher".  No unsightly oil-like stains on it anymore after the process.

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