10 Tips for Gifts that will Make Everybody Happy and Thankful

 Here are some considerations when shopping for gifts for family and friends:
1.  Age Appropriate

      The gifts we have to give must be age-appropriate.  This is very important if the recipient is  young or old. Why young -if your recipient is a toddler who always chew on things, it is very dangerous to give toys with small parts that can choke or those made of poisonous plastic materials.

     For older people, alright a book is not a bad gift at all if your grandma's eyesight is still as good as yours. 

2. Hobby and Likes

          Know the background of your recipient, if he is not a close pal, ask somebody who knows him better (without giving any hint that you are asking because you will buy a gift) what he is into - if he loves to play golf- buy him a piece of golf club, loves fishing -find him a new rod, for a pocketbook fanatic - newly published novels of her favorite author etc.

3.  Medical Condition

        Medicines are good gifts too.  The supposedly money for the prescriptions, can be used to buy things they like for themselves-giving them freedom to get what they really wanted.

        And for persons who are allergic to nuts, be sure not to buy a nutty chocolate-expensive, yes but it sure be a waste soon.  Again ask around for health risks of the recipient.

        A romantic audio CD collection may not make a depressed man or woman (from a heartbreak or death of a loved one) recuperate.  Better, a funny film to make her forget (even just for a while) the present situation.

       Most of pregnant women I knew did not like hard-smelling perfumes it made them dizzy.
Same as a blind man will not appreciate a book if it is not written in braille :)

4.  Color

       A violet bag may be appreciated by anybody who will have it.  Most women like me, wear bags matched with our outfit, because of that, black and white are the usual picks.  Brown, looking like a skin especially if it is leather,  is absolutely pair with any color clothes.  Gold and silver for evening bags work like magic too. Gold and silver are colors that we wear like accessories, like jewelries, for me they are not color sensitive.

5.  Function

       In my own perspective, I am conscious with what is the latest trend but I do not set aside function.  I would prefer a spacious bag for often use than a "wow design" bag with just a hanky and a cellphone to go inside - but there is sometimes both in just one item.  

      Or I would rather buy my child a new sturdy and little expensive umbrella than buy her a new barbie doll. But if I have a budget, I will go for both.

      On any occasion, little kitchen appliances bring smile to the recipients especially if this kitchen gadget will make some tasks easy for them.  I bought an oven for a friend's wedding, and when the couple opened our gift, the other guests said "we should have considered buying like that items" - it costs us more to buy the blanket but that is more functional"..it made me proud of my gift.

6.  Cost

      It does not need to be cheap nor expensive, always consider durability and friend suggestions of products and brands matters.  Just like a customer review of a new mobile phone. The actual users know more than what we can ask the salesman or see when the item we want to buy for gift is still on display.

     What is your  budget allowance for the gifts you have to buy, do not splurge on expensive gifts if you will just swipe it from your credit card or you will end-up a loser.  

     I gave my brother Jay-ar, a pair of  designer socks that costs me not more than five hundred pesos but he is very happy telling me that he will not buy such a small, single item for that amount with his own money even he likes it that much.  The gift appeared classy but still on my budget.

7. Relationship

      You are sure not to give an underwear gift to your male boss (unless he is a boyfriend) or to your father in law - this is self-explanatory.  Not only you will give an impression of flirting but you might find a new adversary when your partner or his partner will know about the gift.

       Flowers mean love - man to a woman, child to parents etc.  Women melt hearts to receive flowers, I had mine when someone gave me two dozens of Red long-stemmed rose when I was in college, everybody's envy.

8.  Uniqueness

      Your gift will be more remembered if it is one-of-a-kind whether in design (availability, not hundreds of it will be seen just anywhere).  The worst is the receiver will get two gifts of that same item.

        My friend Roanna, gave me a necklace made up of shell (capis) and a black yarn-like chain, it maybe not more than a hundred pesos but I have till now, I have never seen an exact replica of it till now.  She gave me that three years ago.

9.  Time

      If you are a mother or a father of children you just see before bed time just few hours a  day, your gift of time will be more appreciated than anything else.  A day off from work will be memorable for them or to your spouse. Eat out or stroll, watch movies in the big screen or you can even try nature camp with lots of thrilling rides and new experiences to explore.

10. Gift Cheques/Money

     You can set aside tips 1-8 if you will just let them buy what they want, your cash may not be the exact amount of the item they like but it may appear like a discount - a subsidy for the buy :)  My daughter Angel, loves this method..

Enjoy shopping for the holidays: )

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