Education: A Child's "Life Insurance"

Most of my fellow Filipino countrymen are well-aware of the importance of child education.  The government has also allotted generous funds to run the education system -we are now adapting the  K-12 Program most other countries are implementing and of course, there is a lot of modifications alongside.  Education is a universal tool any where in the world you are.

To be employed is to have a diploma, sometimes an experience is required too. Lining with the hundreds of applicants for a position in a well-known high-paying company needs the "paper"- the HR manager will shorten the list and one to consider is educational background.  I must say that graduates from reputable universities have the advantage but as soon they get to know the applicant in an interview - that is the only chance even an honored graduate from a province is noticed what more if undergrad?

Investing on our children's schooling is just maybe a 75% guarantee of their success with employment in the future but at least we provide them the help they needed.  Sacrifice on the budget for leisure, clothing and other not so important things but not with the children's education.

Being a child of well-off family does not guarantee an established future when the business-minded parents die and leave the fortune to a brat that did not even tried to acquire some education or knowledge in running the business empire.  I am not against those who have gained success without the diploma but for some reason the child will be more competitive in their career of choice when educated and will not be left-out.

For families with meager income scholarship abound; from politicians, NGO's and companies (some companies advise what course to take and sponsors a student and hire them after graduation).  University workers - teacher aides, library assistants etc. were given full-tuition scholarship from the first to the last year of study.  Other grants provide allowances.  

Students who are very eager to finished course whose average are below the accepted ceiling for scholarship grants, opt to part-time work to sustain schooling.  

Some get an educational loan. There are "study now-pay later plans" from government insurance companies and banks. 

For responsible parents, educational plans are considered from the birth of their child. Some bank a portion of their money for it.

I was just disgusted to see children beggars from the streets wiping car windows till the light goes green, what if a car hit them?  This is exaggeration but a real scenario every parent's nightmare.  Do you agree folks?  Share your saving tips with us dear readers -for your child's future..thanks for taking time to read :)

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