Tips on Interior Decoration

My personal tips as an ordinary homemaker - I have got no formal schooling on design to share with you but these are based on my design instinct.

As the title suggests, remove clutter.  The things that are of no use anymore keeps your space disorganized when they hang around.  It is made first on my list to lessen the burden of adding them on your workload while decorating.

Broken appliances:
 -have it repaired or sell to a junk shop. If can not be fixed, nor brought to a junk shop right away, keep in a storage room (where all your unneeded stuff are kept). 

Before throwing things:
 - check if it still can be used like toys of grown-up children; can be donated to beggars on the street or in daycare houses. Wash it first and perfume it.
 - unused or old clothes can be re-cycled for a bag, or be donated, again wash them first so it will not smell hidden in the "caves".
 - since, surplus e-shops/websites are now available, sell the items you donot like anymore.

Put everything in place. There must be a rack/plastic basket or drawer for every little thing so as not to find it lurking on top of the tv, ref or lounging on table or chair.  Shoe rack is advisable. Laundry hamper too.  There must also be a an open rod-standing hanger for nice-clothes for laundry.  The hamper can sometimes be a prey to rodents that might chew on our favorite clothes-the clothes inside must be folded.  It is an eye-sore to see a mountain-like dump of laundry.

Have a Color Scheme

Color coordination matters.  My style is for example, the flower on my vase is orange, I put an orange accent on some part of the house to connect that side to the whole block. A figurine or a table cloth will give the needed connection.

One of my designs, home in Inaclagan. A mother's taste.

For me, good curtains does not clash with your wall paint. It matches the  furniture perfectly and most important of  all in choosing curtains is the function - if the area where you will put it, needs a sun blocker in the noon, thick and heavy curtains would be great.
In some cases that the place has narrow windows, curtain rods can be extended longer to make it appear that there is a wider window beneath. See photo below, I only got one panel window the curtains do the trick. I does not look so pretty to dress-up a single narrow panel living room window. But take note, it is a dust collector for rooms that are not air-conditioned.

You will not go wrong with brown and black combination printed curtains.  It goes well with any other color present.  And I usually go for a combination panel curtains.  You can mix and match plain curtains(see image below)  with a light and dark elements.  Like for instance, in one window I have each left and right side with dark-colored plain or printed heavy curtains and the middle with a sheer lace or see-through-type ones. 

Combining both printed curtains is a no-no, that is if the printed design is different for each.  We call it in tagalog "baduy" (also for unmatched get-up or clothes).

A glimpse of my home in Buenavista. See the combi-curtain.
Have a Theme or Design Idea

Some want it modern -using pastel colors on drapes and carpets as well as the furniture selection is modern-design too. The color is cool and pleasant, clean. Others would prefer antiquity, the color is dull and for me is sad, most are dark brown, black or bronze and gold.  It seems gloomy, for me, it depends on our taste.  But furniture and figurines are of course expensive on this design. Still others, have the fusion of both.  It really depends on your budget and taste.

Small decorations stands-out when put on a display cabinet.  The choice, if it's crystal or other precious gems etc. would contribute well too. Below are the few of my unique decorations:

Figurines of IP, I bought from 13-22 Gifdt Shop in Silang, Cavite,
There are lots of them, standing but I chose the one on the right to have
balance in design (even if it's nude) The others, the body is facing the left too.
If it will be positioned on the sides of another item it will turn out better
even placing it side by side that way, that's one more thing to consider. 

The vase is just an empty wine bottle from a friend. I bought a gold-glittered flowers.
accentuated it with a golden rose bucket-designed belt. Three different pieces put together.

Beaded lamp shade. I think it's hard to find and I considered it unique.

I prefer unique finds. Like my lamp, I have a beaded lamp shade. I am tired of seeing elephants in most of  the homes I have visited.  It is not bad, but seems ordinary to see. It is rewarding to hear your visitors, commending a thing only seen in your abode - as in one-of-a-kind..


If you opt for a leatherette sofa, buy the sturdy one but it hurts on the budget (Italian Leather)especially for genuine leather set. Buying cheaper ones might entail lesser useful life.  When punctured by accident, the tear will get worse as days pass. For a more practical and longer use, buy wooden furniture from high quality wood like Narra (Phil. Tree) etc. and just put a customized foam with cover of your choice (I prefer washable) with zipper for smelling good lounging area.  The display cabinets, my own choice would be customized according to the size applicable to the house and the display/decorations (plates or china) I will put inside.

Make the Interior Design Child-friendly

Do not buy many vases if you still have tots that run around. Or else you will end-up stressed on reminding them of your expensive item. Worst is-they might get hurt and waste your money when the item gets broken. For tables, choose the rounded-edged ones or buy edge-covers in DIY store in malls.

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