10 Tips on Raising Responsible Kids

If your child always answer you "later mom.." or with a yes but no work done it is the time to get worried.  That is not just an annoying scenario but a real cause for alarm.  The youngster might grew-up irresponsible if this is kept longer. What to do now?

Angel Reign is now cooking rice for our meals

Tip #1

Delegate your child with age-appropriate household chores.  Do not of course let your seven-year-old carry a garbage bag bigger than her nor chop food ingredients with a sharp knife.

Washing the dishes

 -water the plants, change the water in the flower vase.

-sweep the floor, first teach her how to do it.

-a nine-year-old can wash the dishes  

My Angel Reign does. When I am teaching her, we put it on video.  She is excited and we viewed it  then I am keeping it for her to see when she is older :)

- fix the bedding

Arrange the bed sheet and pillows. Although I do the blanket folding.  The blanket is too big for her to handle.

- Flushing the toilet

- putting back shoes in the rack after a school day also her bag and putting the uniform in the laundry basket.

- dusting (with a mask) dust particles are lung hazards.  I have watched a documentary before telling how harmful dust particles killed many Europeans boarding trains on a day-to-day basis. 

Tip #2

Reward your child's initiative on doing the organizing or cleaning-ups without your command.

- words of praise mean a lot with a hug and kiss from mom saying something like
"wow, you're such a big help to mom.."

- give her unexpected snack

- buy her something when you go out and tell that is a reward for doing this or that ..but this is not encouraged to do often.  We would not let the real sense of responsibility be covered with the desire to get a reward.

Tip #3
Let the child choose what to wear after a day's bathe.  I actually did this when my Angel & Riana were four.  I just tell them hints on choosing what is appropriate for the weather.  A sleeveless blouse for a sunny summer day or a sweater for a cold rainy day. This also teaching decision-making at a young age.  They get to choose the color or the clothes they prefer. Now, they take a bath alone and choose their clothes after :)

Putting the bath towel in a "hanger" is one task to let them do and if they are not tall enough for the clothes line-do the job.  Another thing is, let them wash off dirt on their underwear before they leave it for you to wash - ants liked unwashed and tear them off with bites.

Tip #4
In a grocery with your children, let them pick the snacks they wanted.  Just making it sure that there is balance on sweet and salty snacks. preferably, biscuits and whole grain and even oats which they learned too love too.  When my younger Riana is five -she gets a plain cracker and a sandwich cracker with a choco or strawberry filling.  She did not get one choco and one strawberry, she knew.

Tip #5
Drinking water after a sweet or salty snack is a must and they do not forget it.  Teach them the importance of doing so-it's effect on bowel movement and digestion etc.  You will not need to remind them later to have their glass of water.

Tip #6
Throwing in a trash bin.  Angel & Riana always throw mess in the right place. Before I did not remind them of doing, ants marched on and that made them always remember to put garbage in the bin afraid of that tiny painful bite.

Tip #7
Communication.  Tell them that bigger responsibilities starts from small ones.  A responsible child is appreciated by many. And what makes a house or a home nice to live in is everybody's efforts put together.

Tip #8
Putting things back in place where they get it.  Why?  They need to understand the ease of finding those things when they need them equals to an organize surrounding.

Tip #9
Ask your child to help you clean the electric fan so she will know later  and tell why that is important.  Healthy fresh air.

Tip #10
Always have a complete set of cleaning materials around.  Dust pan, broom, self-squeezing mop (children find this playful when they wet the floor with a drink), little rugs, duster and detergent.  Remind them that to clean, a clean rug etc. is a must . Can not wipe a table clean with a smelly rug-towel.

Lastly but the most important of all, be responsible, keep promises and always do important things first before leisure.  We are lifesize models for our children.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. God bless and have a wonderful day, readers :) 

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