Accidents are Accidents, A True Story

The Mellow Afternoon of June 2010

Angel Reign has turned a year old last month. She reached that without any huge health trouble.  She can walk this time as well as climb back and forth in her blanket hammock.  That afternoon, we are both in her room. Her dad is lying down on the sofa watching tv waiting for his call of duty. 

The overexcited one year old, who has just learned to walk maybe a month ago, threw her pacifier on the floor.  I need to go to the dining area to sterilize it.  I left her playing in her ‘duyan’ and as I glance I saw her walking her way to the living room back and forth seems like practicing her steps.  I get the cap of the thermos and put the pacifier inside, pour water enough to cover the tip of the orthodontic pacifier.  It is on the left corner of our oblong-shaped wooden and glass dining table.  The distance of the thermos cap is maybe half of a ruler.  I felt some urge to drink a chocolate so I decided to leave it sterilizing for a while and I headed to the right far end of the table where the choco jar is. Since Angel is not wearing her beeping shoes, I did not notice she is near the table that is about two and a half feet tall. I always make it sure that all the chairs are tucked-in because she can climb it. I am about to pour the powder on my cup when I heard Angel terribly crying! I saw her beside the chair, sitting on the floor and her shirt is wet with boiled water –seeing the thermos cap and the pacifier scattered…The chair is not moved at all.  I speculated that she might just step on the chair’s foot support (wooden panel on each side so as to help it balance) that is why she was able to reach the thermos cap and accidentally drenched herself…

That water in the thermos, as I recall was just boiled twelve noon (12nn) and the incident happened 4pm, my diary says.  It is not the thermos that fell but its cap with the sterilizing pacifier, it is nearly a cupful! I was shocked!  I remember shouting “Angel!!!”  I just heard Raymer asking what is it…he then saw the baby. To my panic, I just lifted her up and was not able to remove her shirt at once to avoid more clinging – Ray told me to do so. Maybe for about twenty minutes, I heard my baby crying and screaming.  It is unbearable and hurting seeing her cannot stand the pain that she almost bend her body while standing.  Her skin below her right jaw, neck, right shoulder and armpit was red  but worse on her chest nearly hitting her nipple.  It dripped on the stomach but there, it is not that bad.  The wounds turned watery.

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