Duterte is NOT Hitler

It is my daily habit to watch the News to be updated on the current issues about my country and even the international community.  I listen and watched only the trusted NEWS AUTHORITIES and presenters who received various recognitions locally and even from Readers’ Digest Asia. To be able to give worthy opinion or reaction, I deeply believe I should filter my resources carefully – that is my advocacy as a writer.

I hate the fact that our President is being identically compared to the heartless(?!) German, Adolf Hitler who had made the ‘Holocaust’ ( read see and click this link = you can read Holocaust by Wikipedia part of the History. The Jewish organization is but right in telling the victims of the Holocaust should not be likened to drug addicts there are even children. Yes, that is right there is nowhere in the context of the President’s recent speech that they are being called as such.  The Prexy was just insulted that the international media compared him to Hitler – to reiterate, he is ordering the killing of millions of innocent people (men, women and children) for a selfish reason (?!).

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