Duterte is NOT Hitler

It is my daily habit to watch the News to be updated on the current issues about my country and even the international community.  I listen and watched only the trusted NEWS AUTHORITIES and presenters who received various recognitions locally and even from Readers’ Digest Asia. To be able to give worthy opinion or reaction, I deeply believe I should filter my resources carefully – that is my advocacy as a writer.

I hate the fact that our President is being identically compared to the heartless(?!) German, Adolf Hitler who had made the ‘Holocaust’ ( read see and click this link = you can read Holocaust by Wikipedia part of the History. The Jewish organization is but right in telling the victims of the Holocaust should not be likened to drug addicts there are even children. Yes, that is right there is nowhere in the context of the President’s recent speech that they are being called as such.  The Prexy was just insulted that the international media compared him to Hitler – to reiterate, he is ordering the killing of millions of innocent people (men, women and children) for a selfish reason (?!).

And in FACT, Pres. Duterte is not holding a gun pointing to anybody who had died in the War on Drugs. It is in the police encounters or summary killing plotted by the syndicates where these former drug pushers and users are connected or buying from/cohorts (afraid to be revealed) that have good reasons to execute them.

In every legitimate police operation, there are those who were caught and handcuffed while those who RESIST arrest (especially in drug buy-bust operations) are those who are unfortunately killed. Lawbreakers are not just the SOLE VICTIMS of this campaign but also policemen. If Duterte Admin wished to kill all the Drug Suspects, there could have been more than two or three thousand deaths per day BUT the records show (months basis) basing on the number of those more than seven hundred thousand (700,000+) who voluntarily surrendered. The Drug Dilemma in the country is in its worst, according to the Intelligence Reports, we have three million addicts – the President is vocal about his astonishment that he never expected that the problem is this worst. The public servants/government officials (mayors, governors, senators) – and even some of high ranking officials (generals) in the Law Enforcement Agencies (police and the military) of the Government are among the list of protectors receiving bribe money. Even the supposedly MAXIMUM Security Bilibid Prisons is believed to be the MAIN source of the country’s Drug Trade.

The President has instructed the policemen not to be afraid in protecting their own lives not just for their own or family’s sake but for the sake of the Country and the future generation. The law enforcers have not been this inspired and dedicated to do their job in neutralizing the law offenders because in the recent administration, their rights had not been protected (if a criminal dies) the policeman is jailed even for the reason of doing his job. And that is the weakness, policemen are afraid to use their guns – and even the good men in the roster have stayed quiet in the anomalies because they might be apprehended by higher ranking officials who are involved in the black market.

If you live in my country for more than a decade you will know the real situation – the height of criminality (perpetrated by these drug addicts) versus innocent and law-abiding citizens. The daily NEWS of robbery, theft with homicide – rape-slay cases (starting from baby victims up to the oldest of a grandmother and the weirdest of a goat! Surely not done by persons in the right frame of mind.  The brutality of homicide and murder cases may be compared to butchery – as if the killers looked at their victims like animals. If you do not believe me, you must have visited the leading newspapers publisher (broadsheets and tabloids) they may have compilations of the previous issues of their paper.  Or check the uploaded news videos on Youtube Channel by GMA News and Public Affairs or by TV5. Due to the prevalence of such crimes in the country, there are documentary shows that tackles each and every interesting crimes- there  is this Calvento Files, S.O.C.O. (Scene of the Crimes Operatives), Imbestigador. The Philippines’ streets had not been this safer as today FOR LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS, maybe not safest BUT at least going there especially for toddlers/children – the addicts are not anymore selective of their victims, choosing children as easy prey. It is now the reverse, the streets are dangerous to the roving criminals.

I am appealing to the International Community especially the United Nations, Mr. Barrack Obama and the European Union to study the situation deeply to be able to assess the so called ‘Extra-Judicial Killings’ and if there is really human rights’ violation happening where in truth policemen who are proved to have abused authority (or killed a suspect for a hidden motive) and involved in the syndicate are RELIEVED of duty or brought to the action field as punishment – for those who are self-confessed addicts and ninja cops who promised to change. 

The government is set to build more rehabilitation centers to help those who choose to surrender and are willing to renew their lives and quit drugs They are also taught of some other ways to earn. But those who are not SINCERE are caught in buy-bust operations even after voluntarily surrendering has just put themselves in peril the moment they RESISTED arrest or chose to fight. And that is the PERMISSION the president (who is a lawyer and a former prosecutor) has given the law-enforcers to use their ammunition, to defend their lives from these uncontrollable addicts.

How dare these people who compared President Duterte to Hitler or other criminals – they need to study critical thinking skills to understand the matter holistically without prejudice of being subjective. And they must conduct REAL investigation or even surveys on the President’s Drug quest before they could end-up to a conclusion solely based from hearsays and rumors – better be in the midst of the action so they can FORMULATE a meaningful and OBJECTIVE conclusion.  What is there to be afraid of being questioned by the President when Presidential Chief Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo even clarified that it will just like be question based from what the rapporteur could have observed here?

I agree with those who are saying that international media are picking-up JUST the negatives of what is happening here in our country – listening to incredulous and ridiculous witness Matobato (believe me, I persevered watching every senate hearing he stood as the resource person – even a grade school student would not believe his testimonies


-a man shot by almost thirty gunmen as he said all holding rifle if I am not mistaken and with then Mayor Duterte took the last shot that killed the man – maybe even a cat with nine lives could not survive the attack of that bulk of gunmen – abutan pa ba yung buhay kung ganun karami nagtulong-tulong bumaril?!

-The one Matobato is telling he was working in the Mayor’s office and was even assigned to kill a terrorist named Salimakdum, that was later found out to be an ordinary foreigner who married a Pinay (his cousin if I am not mistaken) and has visions of helping others by establishing a school for children who was set that day he died to meet Matobato (carrying the money to be used to buy the lot for the project), the money went missing and allegedly the last person he is seen with is none other than Matobato. And it was proven that Salimakdum is not a terrorist.  Is he not just a robber who pretended to be Duterte’s hitman?!

Here are just some of the proofs why I am convinced that my fellow countrymen are satisfied with the President’s Performance aside from Social Weather Station’s (SWS)survey that yielded 64% satisfaction rating.

- Duterte Dolls

- Duterte-inspired Coffee

- Duterte Games/app

- Duterte-inspired comedy shows

and a lot more...

Comments from all sides/views are very welcome.
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