The Phenomenal Growth of the Church of Christ

To know about the humble beginnings of Iglesia ni Cristo, it is inevitable to learn about the man who started it all – from one man to the phenomenal growth of the church worldwide.

The movie depicts how Brother Felix Manalo received the calling and the humble beginnings of the church – the hardships and persecutions he has encountered as well as the event of world war that disturbed the country.

We as members of the ‘Church of Christ’ recognizes Bro. Felix as the God’s Messenger on these Last Days (according to the Holy Scriptures refers to the era where our Lord Jesus Christ’s advent is very near). He had been a pastor from different religions which gave him the chance to deeply examine each church doctrine which he later found out FULL OF ERRORS and misconceptions.  Seeing the conflicting doctrines upheld in each from what is written in the Holy Scriptures, the arduous desire to teach the FACTS without injecting personal opinions and beliefs has led him to know the PURE words of God but of course with God’s divine help as he prayed for enlightenment and guidance. 

Although his co-pastors/preachers from former religions oppressed him when he tried to reveal what he found out to rectify what they had been teaching the public, he was subdued and they never accepted it – telling him that the doctrines can not be modified respecting tradition and inherited teachings from pioneer religious leaders. 

He had taken criticisms a challenge to make room for improvement and succeed. Like when a pastor told him that the church he has unless duly registered in the government is a bogus church – he has taken it to heart and applied to register the church in the Philippines. A lawyer (spouse of his friend) helped him.  Those two men are instrumented by God to help Bro. Felix establish a bona fide church. He worked on the paper for weeks (many reasons it was not registered earlier although the papers are submitted), maybe God has destined the Church’s registration date be simultaneously stamped on July 27, 1914 – the date at which the first World War occurred as written in the History Books. And if you are going to listen to the fundamental doctrines of the Church evidencing the emergence of the true Church in our times, it is prophesied. The signs stated in the Holy Bible clearly pointed to the Iglesia ni Cristo the date, the place and the God’s messenger.

If you want this story complete and in video, please go the nearest chapel (Church of Christ/Iglesia ni Cristo) near you, look for the head deacon or the assigned minister and request for a schedule to watch the ‘Felix Manalo’full movie.

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You can also find doctrine preaching videos of different topics and languages on this website:

Official Website Have your copy of the Holy Bible beside you for immediate reference to verify each verses on every preaching video.


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Side Story:
The film received various awards and recognition internationally and locally including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Movie Theme Song.  I am sure after watching the beautifully filmed movie you will have more curiosity to KNOW MORE about the church.  

64th FAMAS Awards by NET25

Me and my siblings-in-Christ  will be happy to assist you along the way.
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