Having Problems with Your In-laws?

Are you among those wives having problems with in-laws most especially with your mother-in-law?
Is she always meddling (?) with how you do things? In cooking? In doing the household chores? In disciplining your children? Or even with how you handle your responsibilities being her son’s wife?

First of all you have to understand, that his mother is the former queen of your hubby’s life. Yes, they have been attached since your husband’s existence. That is the real reason why the m-i-l seemed so “cruel” to you, there is just some little depression happening when they suddenly part ways as Mr. Hubby moves his focus of attention to you.  

You can alleviate his mom’s (now your mom too) feelings through understanding.  Telling her always that you and your husband are just around and her child has just became children now. That there is now the two of you.  

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