First Date Reviewer

What to do on your first date? Confuse on what to wear? Wear to go? Whose invitation to accept? How to act, etc? Here are some helpful tips for your first date :

1. Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that you can freely do what you need and want to do.

'Back to School' Parenting

Dispatching first-time schooler  is really a tough and huge challenge for parents who will also have their first child in school. This piece is all about dealing with the problems encountered on the VERY first day of your child in school.  How parents can be helpful with the children’s adjustment and some tips on school supplies , snacks and most especially communicating with your children the best way understandable to them making learning a great experience and that first school day motivating.

If you do not have much time reading this quite long article, just remember where you stopped and get back to it as soon as you have time again.  You might lose some important info if you are short of time.  Anyway all the articles are archived even the oldest one, just click “older posts” at the end of each topic you clicked-on shown on the right tool bar of this blog(Parenting, Tips, Current Issues etc.)

Talking to Your Child Makes a BIG Difference
Give her some briefing on what children do in school. Like saying something LIKE this…
-“You will just read, write and draw and even color, isn’t that exciting?!”

-Tell her the fun of learning. Remind her why children have to go to school. That she must not be afraid she does not know yet what they will be studying, tell her she is not the only one but all of her classmates.  And that is the reason why they have a TEACHER –to teach them.

-That it is enjoyable to meet some new friends , her  classmates. Remind  though that only during “break time or recess”, she can chat or play with them.

Tell your child of the:

Do’s and Don’ts’ while in School
-There is a time to snack on and to chat or play with classmates that the school and the teacher would allow.
Children can not chew bubble gum or eat their snacks while not yet break time.

-Wait for the teacher’s instructions on what to do.
 Teacher will say what she will need you to do, wait for her instruction when to get  crayons, pad paper, notebook or pencil.

-Be sure to familiarize her with the school supplies she got so she will not get confused.

-Children must listen while the teacher speaks.

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