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What to do on your first date? Confuse on what to wear? Wear to go? Whose invitation to accept? How to act, etc? Here are some helpful tips for your first date :

1. Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that you can freely do what you need and want to do.

For ladies, do not wear cocktail dress, mini-skirt nor revealing clothes (this may make you look like indecent and it may also appear to him that you are giving him license to treat you rude. Let him be thrilled of what is “underneath your clothes” as Shakira says J You must also have a bag with a handkerchief inside, some girl’s stuff like cologne, lipstick, powder, toothbrush, and comb and your mobile phone.

For gents, a handy body spray, mouthwash and a hanky will suffice your needs. Double check your wallet, must have cash or debit card apart from credit cards in case – it must be included in your clutch bag.

2. Let the man choose the restaurant unless he asks your preference. 

Footing the bill, he can come-up with a decent place that suits his budget. Having a well-off date, this may not be necessary. Successful first dates should not be financially disastrous. Expect the man has his budget, BUT do not over-expect. Gauging his economic status silently will give you a better idea of what he can afford.

Ordering food, it would be best to suggest food of your liking. Enjoy not just the thought of being together but enjoy the food (there might be some who have allergies on some food). It will be awkward to your date to see you seemed not enjoying the food because you are worried triggering your allergies.

Gents, ask the lady what she prefers to eat while you are not in the resto to be prepared, then order for the house’s specialty (if she answers whatever or for that kind of meat she prefers.

3. Try as much as possible to make the first date a “friendly-date” not stiff, in the sense of having too personal talks – discussing feelings must be avoided.  

Friendship can be a great foundation of a deeper relationship hearing stories of my older friends who had been married and still together “for life”.

4. Be yourself, this is applicable to both genders. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. 

It may lead on introducing yourself to your date as a different person that sometime soon, after knowing each other more, he will find out and he will just be turned-off if you are not what he began to love of you.

I am not just referring to the literal introduction of what you do, who your parents are, what have you studied/studying but MORE importantly being natural with how you talk, what you prefer, walk, wear or even eat! Being natural is like thawing the “ice” that separates you.

Why is that important? By doing that, you are making a great start. One thing that has brought me telling myself that “It’s him, I want to be with for the rest of my life…” is the moment I can tell him that I only have a hundred-peso in my wallet, do you get what I mean? Just forgetting that “shyness” exists in the dictionary, of letting him know you are weak, you have flaws – you are not created perfect and if he accepts you despite of the “minuses” aspects of your whole-being, that just means deeper connection.

5.  For ladies, do not offer to pay the bill, insisting may appear like a “slap” on his face... However you intend to be thoughtful as I know, BUT you may end-up insulting your date! 

Men did not like it when you pay for them especially on a “man-woman” date.  Unless if he is a gold digger, you may be warned J

6. Suggest on where you would prefer to go. Dining-out is always a part, but if you have much time and interested to your date and want to know him more you may want to keep him company longer.

My suggestions would be, if you are scholarly you may want to see museums, library, heritage parks etc. If you love “Stage Plays”,  say it. If you love animals – you sure have plenty of options to choose from, sight-seeing zoos, ocean parks etc. Two lists on your itinerary would be great for a first date. Concerts of your favorite singers/bands are good to share. Another great experience would be dining on a floating restaurant by the bay area usually in a yacht. If you are in the Philippines, there are some in Manila Bay area.  Adventure parks/places are also everywhere, go zip-lining, wall climbing, fishing, biking, scuba diving, try-on mermaid tail in resorts, bungee jumping, cable-car ride and a lot more-it would be fun and thrilling and you could have a lot of memories to cherish (do not forget your  digicam).

 7. Ask him if he can fetch you from home and not anywhere else, guys who have good intentions are not afraid to look at your parents’ eyes  and will not shy-away to ask their permission. Also ask if he can take you home too afterwards, although real gentlemen need not be reminded of it. You better think twice if he cannot do either of two.

To gents, you must give the gal’s parents the time you would bring her back and be sure you can do it. Estimate traffic etc. or just provide time with a little allowance. And if inevitably you did not make it on time, be sure to say you are sorry, BUT keep in mind that you are marked. So, be true to your words and promises. The parents are big influence to your dream girl’s  choice.

8. Most importantly, for ladies you must ask your parents’ permission (for minors), they must know your whereabouts –where you plan to go, to keep you safe. 

Guys, it is in your discretion if you wanted to tell her parents where are you planning to bring her. That would be a PLUS on your (parents' angle) side if you do.

9. Ladies, do not accept invitations for a “date” from a complete stranger (someone you met through text messaging or social networking like Fb, G+, Twitter etc.), forget about having a first date unless the person is a long time acquaintance, family-friend and a really trusted person by word of mouth.

Those who recently made their social network profile and who do not have even a friend-list of ten people with photos are doubtful (they may represent a pseudo-profile); and there you can see what kind of friends he has – are they looking decent, funky, drug addicts, prim and proper  or what?!

I think I have to tell you of this man victimizing women telling them he is still a bachelor although in truth he is a married man. One of his many victims became so involved in him that they live together and got a child only the pitiful young woman finding out in the end that she had just become a mistress. However she cried and her parents get angry they could not bring back the time.  And the thought of wrecking another family may not giving her a peaceful sleep.

It may help to ask about him secretly if you do not know him that much.

*I based my above suggestion on news reports, there is a teenage girl who had became a rape-slay victim of her textmate, not just him but investigators reported that she was gang-raped, burned and thrown in an abyss…I would not want that to happen again to anybody.

10. Gents, do not be rude or else you would not get a second date! 

The respect you show us ladies is a HUGE plusJ And you will not meet a decent woman who allowed you to mistreat her that way. If you are serious in your intentions of finding the right one, be a true gentleman.

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Have a great day everyone!
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