Let Criticisms Change YOU for the Better

Nobody loves the word CRITICISM, even me… but it exists in the dictionary… and in the real world! That means we cannot avoid it, all we can do is to face it and not be crushed by it

Literally criticisms are mere words, but as they say - words are more remembered than physical wounds inflicted on us. They kept ringing on our mind for days, weeks and even for years unlike wounds that just leave an ugly scar that we learned to forget that is there. To that, we can turn these criticisms as motivators to help us grow better.  We have to keep in mind that people who criticize are mostly the authorities, people who have higher ranks and the jack of his trade, the boss who pays us sometimeswe better refrain from criticizing if we are not those mentioned above because we may end-up a laughing stock not having every ‘right’ to do that. Those rightful critics can help us change to become somebody. Appreciate it when your ‘writing’ is being criticized that means you get their attention, they gave time to read what you scribbled-on and best of all, these criticisms are camouflaged suggestions that you can take positively for your work to develop and later on bring  success on your part . If others criticize you for your work, strive to improve it the next time you will be given another chance.

Not all those people who criticize have bad intentions whatever way they have expressed it. There are those who are pushing you to the point that makes you struggle to show them you can do better. Teachers may be one of them. Teachers sometimes give us punishment when we did not do our assignments, because if they just let that thing pass, you may do it again. The punishment is sometimes unwanted criticisms that somehow is humiliating –do not get me wrong that I am giving the teacher the license to disgrace the students below the belt, still we have to stay within the limits (pulling the students’ shorts and skirt in front of the class nor too much cruel words is not a good idea-this may have a psychological effect on the child).

Side Story:
We have this teacher in grade three, Mrs. Remedios Ala,  that makes us memorize maybe ten to fifteen (10-15) English words translated in Filipino language, each session in her class she gave us a list to work-on for the next school day. She will hit with a little bamboo stick (not abusive and too painful at all, like a parent reminding her children) those who could not recite the pairs correctly. My classmates are criticized too for neglecting studies. Afraid to be one of them, I am doing my duty. Lucky me, I was in her class.  I am thanking her till now, though I have not got a chance to reunite with her again since then, just in my heart, that because of her I have enriched my vocabulary and those I have learned through her have become part of what I can do today.

Our physical appearance may not be changed (unless on a surgery!!!) –this is the most difficult to handle in all of the criticisms one has to receive. Yet, others have turned it to a BIG enterprise. No offense to Mr. Mike Enriquez (well-known newsman/tv anchor), he is well-aware that he is not that handsome and the prominent part of his face is his nose ,he is telling that frankly in a joking manner. That ‘looks’ he got has made him FAMOUS, he became the example of those who succeed without the very pleasing personality (this proves that personality not only scores in the physical but most importantly what the person has to offer-the skills and the like).  Mr. Enriquez is even joking in his radio program about his looks and people are actually buying it. He has tons of listeners across the country that includes me… however he may be criticized of his looks, I think that it motivated him to work-on whatever talent he has. I think if he will be given a gift by the likes of the highly-respected Dra. Vicky Belo, I bet he will refuse! That looks made him millions (maybe) and made him popular and his face is like a signature (that is even impersonated!!!) that we can easily recall or recognize who is Mr. Mike Enriquez. Mr.“Mike Enriquez, if you happen to read this do not curse me giving emphasis to your appearance, we are friends J

Let us put ‘criticism’ in an ARTWORK, the canvas is you and the painter is the critic. The painter makes sure that his work is near to perfection that if he has the chance to erase (what is on the canvas) its sketch, he does. It is just like erasing (by painting another stroke of color) the bad or worse part of your attitude and your doings to draw an adorable new one. Everybody is criticized in different aspect, ways or manner. Not you alone. The way we handle those sometimes rude comments are somehow gauge of our persona. There are only two options we got – letting criticism pull you down or bring you to the top.

If the one who criticizes you is not an authority on the field you were criticized, just forget it. That is just a product of envy. Be proud you are a subject of envy. Do not give the critics the joy of tormenting you. Showing them you are affected and downed makes them happy. On the other hand, seeing you unaffected make them think that you are sturdy enough to fall and will soon leave you alone.   Kick your way to the top and turn those criticisms to affect you positively. Show them that they are wrong. Show them that first impression is not meant to last and is always the wrong one.

Have a great day everyone
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