Manny Pacquiao Won in Our Hearts

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The most awaited fight dubbed as the "Battle for Greatness" and "Fight of the Century" after the unexpected turn-out yesterday evening in Las Vegas has brought a lot of controversies from boxing fans all over. TV networks displayed various comments from netizens and celebrities that are still trending as of this moment.  And in my own opinion, I am not a sport fanatic but Manny is such an admirable person - his achievements, his wit, calmness, his very nice family and most of all his humility. I make it a point to have time watching his fights. Would you believe that in my country that traffic has always been the problem of motorists and commuters - on the day of the fight, "traffic" was lost in the dictionary! Yes, the roads and main thoroughfares are as clean as ever! And like in many other Pacquiao's previous fights, crime rates (robbery, hold-ups etc.) has nearly zeroed in police records. Even the villains are Manny's fans! Manny has positive effect on everyone. That is why the outcome of the fight is not so welcome with his millions of followers.  

I saw the fight, I saw how Mayweather moved away from Manny. I felt tired for Manny, he kept on chasing Mayweather inside the ring, netizens even commented that they never wanted to watch a "track and field or running game" they save the day to watch for a "boxing fight" but Mayweather looked so frightened of Manny's punches to be stepping back most of the times.  I noticed too that he just let Manny punch till he gets tired and when he is, that is the time FM saw it the right way to do some offense attacks. All FM did was to evade MP's punches, he seldom throw his. 

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