Manny Pacquiao Won in Our Hearts

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The most awaited fight dubbed as the "Battle for Greatness" and "Fight of the Century" after the unexpected turn-out yesterday evening in Las Vegas has brought a lot of controversies from boxing fans all over. TV networks displayed various comments from netizens and celebrities that are still trending as of this moment.  And in my own opinion, I am not a sport fanatic but Manny is such an admirable person - his achievements, his wit, calmness, his very nice family and most of all his humility. I make it a point to have time watching his fights. Would you believe that in my country that traffic has always been the problem of motorists and commuters - on the day of the fight, "traffic" was lost in the dictionary! Yes, the roads and main thoroughfares are as clean as ever! And like in many other Pacquiao's previous fights, crime rates (robbery, hold-ups etc.) has nearly zeroed in police records. Even the villains are Manny's fans! Manny has positive effect on everyone. That is why the outcome of the fight is not so welcome with his millions of followers.  

I saw the fight, I saw how Mayweather moved away from Manny. I felt tired for Manny, he kept on chasing Mayweather inside the ring, netizens even commented that they never wanted to watch a "track and field or running game" they save the day to watch for a "boxing fight" but Mayweather looked so frightened of Manny's punches to be stepping back most of the times.  I noticed too that he just let Manny punch till he gets tired and when he is, that is the time FM saw it the right way to do some offense attacks. All FM did was to evade MP's punches, he seldom throw his. 

And one thing more that made netizens (Filipinos or Americans or maybe world's boxing fans) really feel bad is the fact that the "fight" is supposed to be postponed because of MP's shoulder injury (brought by jet ski accident some years ago, aggravated by his "sparring" before the scheduled fight). In an interview, Manny refused of postponing the fight because he dos not want to spoil the people's hope and excitement over the awaited "match".  But what is unfair is MP's revelation that somebody has leaked an info about his injury to FM's camp. And that made FM seemed to have purposely attacking MP's right shoulder and I can really see how MP reacts on every punch there, that must be excruciating! And that made Manny grew a little weaker earlier. Manny never wanted to sensationalized the issue but reporters who get the info kept on asking about it, he even said in an interview that he never wanted that Maywether's camp to mistake it that he is making a excuse for losing the fight. And it is true, MP did not wrongly guessed it - that is what FM's camp is saying.

Did you know too that Manny told in an interview that for the first time in his career, water and his vitamins were not allowed to be given to him too?

I do not favor Manny because he is my fellow-countrymen, he showed not cowardice like what Mayweather has made all audience around the world to see. Manny fought cleanly.  He never elbows FM on his nape. FM's favorite move is to run and hug however way he denies it, everybody saw it. If he doubts, FM must watch the game himself to see it.  It really made me understand the vexing of some netizens calling him "Gayweather", we can not blame the public. Most celebrities are dismayed of the result of the fight, they said that FM may have won the belt, but MP won their hearts.  That is the same feeling of every Filipino around the globe and even FM's countrymen who never liked FM.  

I understand the judges' decision, they are counting the punches that "landed" and all the other scoring math but since there is no "knock-out" scene that happened, netizens and actual audiences have doubted that Mayweather deserved the "title".

You will fart on laughing to see the various "cartooning" and "video editions" of ordinary people flooding the web making FM the laughing stock, at least MP does not feel and received such flagrant insults about winning, never he had. Manny has always played fairly. I would not exchange my position to that of FM's if I were Manny, FM is not the hero in that boxing story and how hard it is to accept that even when he climbed-up the ring to declare his winning, nobody cheered, the arena was not filled of the deafening "shout and joy" from the crowd! Maybe those who are expecting him to win can be counted on his fingers.

Before the fight, it was also common knowledge that there were just few who bet on FM's winning even the stakes are doubled compared to those who had for MP, but still it did not influence the betting decisions of the boxing enthusiasts.

My fellow-Filipino reporters/journalists let us not make the "question" of a foreign newsman a "big deal" or an item of controversy, we are just making him more famous :) And the meaning of words we hear depends on how we interpret it- knowing he asked the same question to a different boxing winner too in an interview - he MUST not really mean to insult our dear Pacquiao. He just wanted people to hear Manny's opinion of the judges' decision and for that, MP needs to justify his answer. The journalist may not want to give his own say about the issue and he might deemed it more appropriate to hear Manny Pacquiao's personal opinion on the matter. If nobody asked, we may not know what MP feels about it. Let us just thank him. Cool down folks.  We all love MP for sure...

Mommy Dionisia P. wanted Manny to retire, same as the President Aquino's suggestion.  Manny's son Jimuel, wanted a re-match. We need to watch-out of what Manny has to say, for now let us let him rest for a while and be comforted by his family.

My message to Manny, you are still our champion. You have made the Filipinos proud  of who you are and what have the world of boxing has made you become. You are a real "man" and a hero of our country :)  It is always good to have lost fighting than to have cheated and won. It is up to you readers, what do you think I meant...again, it depends on how you interpret it...

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